Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Flaming Hands.

This wonderful band from Sydney was round from 79 into the early 80's,
on the equally wonderful Phantom Records label were a real favorite of mine.
I remember hearing the haunting "Its just that I miss you" often on 4zzz
and having to ring them to find the name of the band and song,
such were the back announcing skills at the time.
I think this is a better listen than their self title Lp that was released later
that the songs "The Edge" and "Break down and cry" came from.
One of the truly overlooked bands of the period.
These are ripped from my vinyl records and include cover scans.

01 - Its Just That I Miss You
02 - Go Or Stay
03 - I belong To Nobody
04 - The Stranger
05 - Wake Up Screaming
06 - Sweet Revenge
07 - Break Down And Cry
08 - Open Window
09 - The Edge
10 - Sacrifice


skids said...

nice blog ;-)

bob nebe said...

Thanks skids

Frank K said...

hey bob, thanks again for these. i hadn't heard "the stranger" or "sweet revenge" before they showed up on overhere's blog. i have the "cast my love" single if you need mp3s. it includes the regular version, extended version, and a short little song called "kismet" sung by julie in spanish.

Frank K said...

By the way, did you ever get into The Dugites? A bit more new wavey than Flaming Hands, but similar in a sense that they had many awesome, hooky, melodic songs with a female lead vocalist (Lynda Nutter). You probably already know them, but I did write about them in my blog a while ago.

I've been looking for their EP "No Money" for ages.

bob nebe said...

Id love any new flaming hands material, I didn't buy the 12" cast my love so that would be cool.
I have heard the dugites, they quite good but I haven't that ep sorry
ciao bob

Anonymous said...


Just found this.
Any chance of re-posting the Flaming Hands material.
Saw them in Sydney many times.
One of my faves.


bob nebe said...

follow the download link to the newer post