Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Fixed Address - From my eyes

For my first post I've picked the brilliant EP from one of the first murrie bands to record.
No fixed address came from Adelaide in 1978, formed by Bart Willoughby. The only recordings
of this aussie reggae group are this Ep and 1 side of the "Wrong side of the road "
movie soundtrack which they did together with Us Mob, an Aboriginal 70s style heavy rock/blues band.
These guys were pioneers for contemporary Indigenous Australian music and even played
support for Peter Tosh's 1982 Australian tour.
After the success of the Peter Tosh tour Willoughby and his band became the first Aboriginal band to travel overseas becoming cultural ambassadors for their people while touring Great Britain playing at nine cities including London, Bristol, Leeds Plymouth and Manchester.
Bart Willoughby has gone on to other musical endeavours playing with many other important
aussie bands including the Gonna band, Coloured Stone and Yothu Yindi.
His Brilliant Reggae band Mixed Relations however showcases his incredible talent.
I saw Bart play a solo gig at the woodford folk festival on the 31/12/99 as on of many gigs i saw that night, his was the highlight!
So give this a try if your never heard of it and you won't be sorry its a rip of my vinyl copy, I
did see it made it to cd but I didnt buy it and have kicked myself ever since.

Track list
01 - We Have Survived
02 - From My Eyes
03 - Stupid System
04 - I Can't Stand And look
05 - Sunrise
06 - Pigs

Please leave comments so I know what you all think,
if theres interest I can post the "Wrong side of the road "
soundtrack and Mixed relations stuff.

Download Link


Anonymous said...

Great thanks behind writing and upload link of group No Fixed Address
Respect and big thanx behind thin line to recordings NFA EP “From My Eyes”
I agree this diamond is a reggae music from Istralia
Please about more music of bands and Bart Willoughby gang.
I Saw film "Wrong side of the road " in half of years eightieth. She displayed him of TVP /Poland Television/
My attention No Fixed Address. This band is magic and uhuru message.
I’m from Poland here recordings of Australian bands /aboriginal music/ to conquest let alone…. such rarities.

I'm sorry for my English language. It is a very weak
More music NFA, please


I of course are looking forward to seeing what wonderful music you'll be posting on your blog next.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Szumlaska, great to hear from a no fixed address fan from anywhere let alone Poland.
I have two more recordings I will
post that are Bart related,
the soundtrack for wrong side of the road
and the mixed relations cd,
all fine reggae music
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this music.Best regards from Poland.


Anonymous said...

Link dead

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I reposted this at the beginning of October, its an upgrade on this, a limited ed release this year, on cd and with extra tracks
You will find it here

ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Please repost!!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

please read the last comment before yours and follow the link