Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Album For Robert Forster And The Brisbane Sound

I just found this and had to spread the word.
This is the album he went to London to record just after
the 4 ages of Robert Forster concerts last year.
Rob one of the originators of the striped sunlight sound is back
and I can hardly wait to hear it.

Robert Forster has announced details of his first solo album since
the 2006 death of fellow Go-Between Grant McLennan.

The Evangelist, to be released on 29 April, features bassist
Adele Pickvance and drummer Glenn Thompson,
who completed the line-up of the 'reformed' Go-Betweens
in recent years.

Three songs on the new album were co-written
by the late Grant McLennan.

The Evangelist Tracklist:
'If It Rains'
'Demon Days'
'Did She Overtake You?'
'The Evangelist'
'Let Your Light In, Babe'
'A Place To Hide Away'
'Don't Touch Anything'
'It Ain't Easy'
'From Ghost Town'

Read about it here

Also I just found out about an upcoming event
here in Brisbane at the Institute of modern art.

The Brisbane Sound

Curated by David Pestorius, The Brisbane Sound will map cross-pollination between the indie and experimental music scenes and the art scene in Brisbane during the post-punk years, 1978–1983. This multi-layered project will incorporate an exhibition, concerts and a book. It will concentrate on the role of key individuals, including Ed Kuepper, Robert Forster and Eugene Carchesio, each of whom will curate a special concert for the project. In addition to receiving international critical acclaim for their music, Kuepper (founder of The Saints) and Forster (founder of The Go-Betweens) have consistently maintained a working relationship with visual artists and the art world, while Carchesio, who is primarily known as a visual artist, is also a product of the same music/art milieu.

9 Feb 2008

Saturday, 12:00 pm


The Brisbane Sound.

7 Mar 2008

Friday, 8:30 pm

Brisbane Sound

Concert 1: Small World Experience, The Deadnotes, Ian Wadley, Peter Charles Macpherson and Gary Warner (Super-8 films), curated by Eugene Carchesio. Tickets: Rocking Horse.

8 Mar 2008

Saturday, 8.30 pm

Brisbane Sound

Concert 2: The Apartments, Adults Today, Robert Forster and Adele Pickvance, and Trevor Ludlow and The Hellraisers, curated by Robert Forster. Tickets: Rocking Horse.

9 Mar 2008

Sunday, 8:30 pm

Brisbane Sound

Concert 3: Ed Kuepper Presents The Ascension Academy. Tickets: Rocking Horse.
It sounds like the Apartments are back again

The Brisbane Sound Link


Overhere said...

Cheers Bob - this is indeed great news.I'll get a link going to your site as soon as I do some more stuff with the blog. As things stand I am popping in to your excellent blog far more often than my own these days.

BTW I always said you had great taste in music - Mug's Game was the first vinyl recording I ever ripped and I think I posted it on the Ausrock site in the comments section.

Keep up the brilliant work in the Land of the Striped Sunlight Sound


bob nebe said...

Thanks John,I'm looking forward to some of the usual suspects that loiter at your good blog sharing their wisdom on all things musical here
ciao bob