Monday, January 28, 2008

Died Pretty & Ed Kuepper

Classic albums live!

In the fine tradition of boasting about the fine concerts we manage
to see in my home town of Brisbane let me tell you about this.
Below is what you find on the Tivoli Theater's site

Saturday, 9th of February, 2008

Died Pretty play "Doughboy Hollow" and Ed Kuepper plays "Honey
Steels Gold" in this not to be missed classic albums LIVE tour. With
the lineup unchanged from the Every Brilliant Eye era,
and following exhaustive touring of Europe and the USA,
Died Pretty returned to Australia to record Doughboy Hollow with
UK producer Hugh Jones. The result was arguably their best album
yet; an evocative, rich series of performances with both Ronald S.
Peno and Brett Myer at the height of their considerable powers.
Peno's voice is fully his own at this point, yearning, mournful,
intense, and more all at once, while Myers' guitar work simply
grabs the mood and sets it throughout; from the chiming yet
dark guitars on Doused, to his often delicate tones on Turn Your
Head. While John Hoey's keyboards still sometimes are little
more than arrangement, his touches like the persistent then
relaxed piano line on D.C. show he has his own skill, while
stronger lead performances crop up throughout the album.
Chris Welsh's drumming, meanwhile, has grown ever more
sophisticated and sharp with time, able to capture the swings
from full-on charge to gentler moods. A guest violinist and cellist
provide extra shade and elegance, as on the folkish/martial ballad
The Ballad of Stanmore, and its immediate follow-up
The Love Song, a sweet, gently swinging number that, in fact,
delivers the opposite sentiments from what the title would indicate.

Last year I did a little reviewing on Overheres wonderful site

"They called it good at the time"

Robert Forsters return to the stage Here

and Here

and pig city reviews on the same link
I'm quite excited about this gig, after seeing Robert Foster's
"Warm Nights" gig last year the whole concept appeals to me.
These are two wonderful albums and you could argue one of
the best from each of the artists.
I've lost count how many times I've seen Ed play,
most recently showcasing his new album, but I havn't seen
Died Pretty for many years. They used to be on all the Livid
line ups back in the 80's it seemed, always a band to see.

So I intend to review this fab gig after I see it

Until then I've uploaded the remastered "Honey steels gold"

The Links are

Part 1



Overhere said...

Woohoo Bob

Excellent to see you out here in Blogland with your own little place in the sun... I for one will be dropping by regularly and hope to repay you some of the debt I owe for all the great work you did on my own small blog. There will definitely be a link going up there but I know what I know and what I know is that you have great taste in music I can't wait for further posts and those great gig reviews.

Keep on rockin'

bob said...

Thanks Overhere for you encouraging comments, I of course are looking forward to seeing what wonderful music you'll be posting on your blog next.