Friday, May 30, 2008

Amunda - Civilised World

Amumda is devrived from the Arrente word for meeting place
which is associated with the spring at Heavitree Gap in the
MacDonnell Ranges at Alice Springs.

This the 2nd release from Amunda is an unknown gem of a CD.
Formed in 1985 this album was recorded in 1991, their 1st
release being the tape only "Better late than never"
released in 1989.
This album sometimes sounds like a polished version of
the western desert sound, sometimes rock, other times
a little bit country(in a nice way) and even a bit jazzy.
Both vocalists Paul and Rachael excel and the musicians
are first rate.
This is music from the heart of Australia, music from a
part of the country few Australians living on the outside
edges of the country have a clue about.
When I visited the western desert in 1990 I discovered a
a place that looked and felt so alien to my concept of
Australia I was shocked.The odd feeling of being so far
from the ocean, the isolation of being in the middle of one
of the largest and most isolated deserts in the world.
You meet people for whom English is their 3rd
language, with maybe Pitjantjatjara as the 1st,
German as the 2nd. Thats because in 1877 two Lutheran
missionaries from Germany made an overland trek from
Bethany in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia
to set up a permanent mission which became Hermansburg,
beating the frontier to the center.
In Alice I discovered a town of 25000 that had something
like 5000 US servicemen and their families living in this
small community, that is such a long way from any large
population center, working in the military base "Pine Gap"
This is music that has that authentic feel, that speaks to
you of concerns from a place you may or may not relate to,
but its worth trying.

Track List
01 Roll on the wind
02 Civilised world
03 Look around
04 Ain't right to me
05 Heart beat
06 Don't look back
06 Soldier
07 Feel it
08 Jam in B minor
09 Living on a dream
10 Kid's inside
11 Take
12 Is it real
13 How could I know.

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