Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greedy - Headless Chickens

Here it is the Headless Chickens third album "Greedy" with
many thanks to Bazzil of the Prehistoric Sounds blog fame,
for this wonderful album released in 1997.
Heres what they say about it on the flying nun site.

Chris Matthews' guitar and voice are at the forefront and the
mood is altogether more rocking. Greedy's a dramatic album,
with its songs wrapped in a blend of scary samples,
crunching loops and lyrical nightmares.
The end result is what the Headless Chickens have always
managed to achieve on record: in today's electrode-up
post-grunge world, Greedy still blurs the lines people want to
put up around musical styles and -- crooning, sneering,
yelling through a megaphone --
Chris Matthews still sounds like the most convincing frontman
around. Fiona McDonald's all but gone; she left the band after
recording the hit single "George" and that song is her only
lead vocal on this album, although she sings one duet
("Chicken Little") and contributes backing vocals to a few
other tunes.

Track Listing

01 Dark Angel
02 Stalk Of A Cherry
03 Secondtime Virgin
04 Cipher
05 Magnet
06 Fire
07 Electricity
08 Chicken Little
09 Smoking Big Ted
10 Black Water Rising
11 Escalator
12 Day Of The Locust
13 George

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob and Bazzil for this one, it's the only chooks album i never got around to listening to. I saw them play in the 90's at Griffith uni, Brisbane (supporting frente?). 'Donca' was wonderful played live.
Cheers, Darren

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, don't know if you already have this one but i've uploaded the 'george' cd single from 1994 for you. Apart from the title track and a remix of 'cruise control' there are a couple of very interesting tracks too. Here's the link:

Cheers and thanks for all the great tunes, Darren

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Darren I'm downloading it now
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

This album rocks ..Keep ripping these cool cds ;)
Thanks alot, KZ ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob.. the link for this file seems to be dead Headless_Chickens_-_George.rar

Can u help me and upload it for me? this cd single has a nice remix on it.. i will appreciate it Thanks alot.. and if i can do somethin' i only have Strawpeople stuff.. C U.. KZ ♥

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

back up