Friday, May 9, 2008

Robert Forster

Robert Forster has announced some dates for His upcoming tour
on his web site
When He plays in London in September it will be the first gig for
18 months, since returning to performing, that He has played
outside of Brisbane. So great news.
I look forward to the 15th of August here at the Powerhouse again.
The band consists of remaining Go-Betweens
and long-time collaborators bassist
Adele Pickvance and drummer Glenn Thompson.
I've included a clip from the
4 Age's gigs last year if your wondering what the gigs will
sound like, but really its a lot like the Go-betweens without

15th August 2008 Brisbane, Australia: The Powerhouse
26th September 2008 London, England: Queen Elizabeth Hall
29th September 2008 Hamburg, Germany: Fabrik
30th September 2008 Frankfurt, Germany: Mousonturm
1st October 2008 Munich, Germany: Ampere
2nd October 2008 Dresden, Germany: Lukaskirche
4th October 2008 Berlin, Germany: Passionskirche
5th October 2008 Cologne, Germany: Gloria

Details of additional dates in Australia, USA and Europe to follow.

The Four Ages of Robert Forster -
Head full of Steam


Overhere said...

Thanks for the heads up Bob - I'll have to get the tickets booked - cheers mate

bob nebe said...

Now I expect a review and photos
I'm glad he's playing London,
boy aren't the Germans spoiled.
ciao bob

Overhere said...

If I get my act together - I promise a review in return for all the great work you did for me.


bob nebe said...

ciao bob

duckdogtwo said...

Hey Bob

I went blogger legit!

Just working on same early Go Betweens tape transfers I did a few years ago and wondered if you want them yourself.

They are the Five New Songs tape from 1980, 3 live tracks and an interview from 3PBS from 1981 and a 30 minute 4ZZZ interview from 1979.


bob nebe said...

That sounds fantastic Steve
Let me know how your progressing,
so does blogger legit mean you gonna start a blog.
That would be cool
ciao bob

bob nebe said...

Thanks Steve I'm downloading it now and I'll post it tomorrow.
sounds fantastic
ciao bob