Monday, May 5, 2008

Various Artists - Also Used and Recommeded By

An earlier compilation from RRR released in 1988 I've ripped from the
vinyl.This contains some wonderful Australian bands with the lions
share from Melbourne. Worth noting is Crown of thorns, which was
Chris Wilson's band.Chris has I think the best blues voice I've heard
to come out of this country and is one of the best harmonica players.
The Sparklers were one of the best bands to come out of Sydney in
the late 80's, a substantial pop band with an irrepressible sense of
melody.The band that Melanie Oxley got her start in.
Another highlight is the closing track Gondwanaland's Rainforest,
Ambient brilliance which is made by Charlie McMahon's
amazing didgeridoo.

Track List

01. the stems - at first sight
02. weddings parties anything - bright lights tonight
03. blue ruin - hellu'va woman
04. the sparklers - overworking
05. the everys - this town
06. crown of throrns - face in the mirror
07. the triffids - love the fever
08. the nubiles - going' to the country
09. god - my pal
10. the church - perfect childv
11. steve hoy - where i come from
12. gondwanaland - rainforest
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mialee said...

Here's a great blog if you or your readers haven't see it yet which deals with gig posters from the 80's, like myself their sure to bring back memories:

bob nebe said...

Thanks mialee I'm checking it out now
great site
ciao bob

Mark said...

Man, I have this album. I used to play it to death in my car.
What a great blog you've got going here. Thanks for the link, too.

See you around.

bob nebe said...

No problem Mark, someone with your discerning taste should find lots of stuff on this blog you'll like.
It was thanks to Mialee I found your blog and Im looking forward to what your going to post next.
Linking to each other is a great way to spread the word I think
Thanks for the link too
ciao bob

Fotographia64 said...

File to download this one seems to be gone. Any chance of getting it up again?
Just discovered your blog and I'm totally blown away. Had a lot of these records but unfortunately had them nicked. Never thought I would hear a lot of them again.
Thank you very much.

bob nebe said...

back up george

Raga said...

Another one I'd love to hear if you've still got a copy of it, Cheers Bob!

bob nebe said...

back up