Friday, May 16, 2008

red eye records 1990 asides & besides - the first 5 years

Red Eye Records is a Sydney based indy record label started in 1985
by graphic designer John Foy.
Its debut release was a solo single from ex-Hoodoo Gurus drummer
James Baker issued as The James Baker Experience.
It also ran two other spin off labels Black Eye Records and Third Eye.
The label went on to release The Cruel Sea, John Kennedy's
Love Gone Wrong,The Bhagvad Guitars, Beasts of Bourbon,
The Crystal Set, Steve Kilbey, Deniz Tek, Robert Frost, Growl,
The Cloulds, Drop City, The Scientists,
and Kim Salmon and the Surrealists.
In 1990 the label was distributed through Polydor who later
acquired Red Eye closing it as an imprint moving some acts
across to Universal.
This Album contains many of those acts, from what was one of the
greatest record labels, not least because they signed up the
legendary John Kennedy.
As the title suggests theres both Asides and hard to get Bsides
and some great bands I didn't know before hearing this like
The Mexican Spitfires.
All in all a great listen.

Track List
01 James Baker Experience - I Can't Control Myself
02 Ya Ya Choral - Two Lines
03 Crystal Set - Drop in the Ocean
04 Beasts of Bourbon - Psycho
05 John Kennedy's Long Gone Wrong - King Street
06 Crystal Set - Benefit of the Doubt
07 Steve Kilbey - This Asphalt Eden
08 Curious (Yellow) - Transparent Garden
09 The Bhagavad Guitars - Just To Be Sure
10 Mexican Spitfires - You Can't Run
11 Cruel Sea - Down Below
12 Crystal Set - Don't Be Surprised
13 The Bhagavad Guitars - Awakening Earth
14 Steve Kilbey - Shell
15 John Kennedy's Long Gone Wrong - Run Rodolph Run
16 Curious (Blue) - Isabella
17 Crystal Set - Hubble Bubble
18 Mexican Spitfires - Sydney Town
19 Tall Shirts - New Neighbor
20 James Baker Experience - Born To Be Punched

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Hello Bob. Foundyour blog while searching for Redgum (I have one of their tapes - If You Don't Fight... and their live CD). Thanks for posting more of their music, it appears very hard to come by - especially wheRe I AM.. Many thanks, Gareth (in the UK)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Gareth, glad to hear from a fellow Redgum fan from the other side of the world. I'm planing to post all their releases and then a John solo lp
I still have 3 Redgum records to go which includes the live LP "Caught in the act", next I think, then "Frontline" and finally "Midnight Sun"
Ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Australian Bands

Things Of Stone And Wood

Magic Dirt


Weddings Parties Anything

Mick Thomas


Tex Perkins

Uncanny X-Men



The Killjoys

ALT (Tim Finn etc)

Art Of Fighting

The Cat Empire

Marty Wilson-Piper

The Whitlams

Enzso (Split Enz)



Darren Hanlon

Machine Translations

The Welcome Mat


Jodi Phillis

Motor Ace

Psuedo Echo

Vika and Linda
Rebecca’s Empire

Wicked Beat Sound System

My Friend The Chocolate Cake

Alex Lloyd

Bic Runga

Baby Animals

Claire Bowditch and The Feeding Set


Monique Brumby



Falling Joys

The Audreys

Perth Bands (Australia)

Red Jezebel


Ruby’s Grace

Team Jedi

The Waifs

Adam Said Galore

Jed Whitey

Fourth Floor Collapse

Bob Evans



The Panics


Caterpillar Now


No Flowers No Wedding Dress


Cinema Prague

Three Orange Whips

The Nordeens

Favourite Game


Richard Easton

Thermos Cardy


Gary Wiseman

Eskimo Joe

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thank you mr anonymous for an incredible amount of links to a wild section of some very current bands.
Get em while there hot folks.
And mr anonymous please introduce yourself I promise I won't bite.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

The Red Eye Records compilation is a terrific collection of artists/tracks. Thanks very much.


Roger said...

Hi Bob
This is a killer comp - makes you realize what a great label Red Eye was. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog and a great comp!
I saw that the Crystal Set is included, too. I love this band, in fact, I've been looking for their comp 'Umbrella' and their second album 'Almost pure' for ages. any chances of an upload of these?

Greetings from the other side of the world (Belgium, in this case),


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for your kind words Daniel, I'll keep a look out but at the moment I have no crystal set.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thx Bob, here, in Belgium, chances of finding anything by this band in record shops are close to nil... :( But I'm very happy with this comp, naturally :)


sheela said...

thanks im from indonesian

Paislie said...

I found Crystal Set's Umbrella album here:
I'm still looking for Almost Pure.

I agree this is a great compilation. Thanks Bob.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Paisle Im grabbing it now,
ciao bob

Ingo said...

Any chance of a re-up? Link is dead and this seems like an amazing collection of gems I remember listening to and loving waaay back when. Thanks.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

no problem ingo Ill have it back up soon
ciao bob

Great Zimbardo said...

Hi Bob,

A year has passed since the last comment on this one, so I could be pushing things, but could this link be resurrected? I love trawling through this blog, there are so many gems here. Priceless.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Michaela, no problem I'm uploading now, if theres any links down your after just let me know
ciao bob

Great Zimbardo said...

Brilliant, thanks Bob.

Sam said...

Hi Bob

Reserecting the Red Jezebel and Clare Bowditch links would make my day!!

Thanks so much in advance!!


Kevin Hough said...


I run/make/produce a weekly 80s show here in England for a small - very small! - radio station, Hermitage fm specializing in the more obscure sounds of the 80s.

I recently played A Crystal Set track and while searching for more of their material came across your blog.

Basically is there any chance of you reposting this Red Eye comp - all links now dead - for me.
Asking a lot as it is an old post I know.

Cheers in advance
Kev Hough

Bob Nebe said...

Back up

Bob Nebe said...

back up

e6gMan said...

Hello, all links dead again. Any chance you can re-up? Thanks

e6gMan said...

Hello, all links dead again. Any chance you can re-up? Thanks

JBOMB said...

I too would love to listen to this. Please let me know if there is any chance of a re-up!

Kenny Martel said...

Please Reupload The Band Flanders Spadework link down. pleaseeee.....