Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beasts of Bourbon - Live Morticia's 11.01.89

A never before seen/heard Beasts of Bourbon gig recorded and
liberated By Chuck, Thanks Chuck and I shall hand it over.

A beasts live gig i recorded in 1989 at dooleys pub in the
when it was called the hacienda with a club called
morticia's upstairs

A shame it didnt turn out a better recording in parts...
but ive not seen another copy of this gig ever listed
so worth it to some i think.
Really should ask about for the real title of Track 11
cant find a title for it... hopefully a stripey fan will know it.

Track list
01- intro
02- Hard working driving man
03- Watch your step
04- Evil Ruby
05- These are the good ol days
06- Driver man
07- Today I started loving you again
08- Playground
09- Door to your soul
10- Psycho
11- Mumbles in the mud
12- Pig
13- This ol shit
14- Good times
15- Hard for you
16- Drop out
17- One night (with you)
18- Ten wheels for jesus

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Excellent post and I would have seen you at this show. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this, it sounds great. Well, shitty but great.

Track 11 is the Link Wray song 'Hidden Charms'.

chuck said...


ive been wondering about that song for 20 years... !

btw.. you should of heard the tape b4 i ran it through some radical eq.. talk about a mud fest.
still - better than nothing i guess.. well shitty.. but a memory aid for me at least.

thanks for the heads up on track 11

Matt said...

You chance you could reupload this?

Bob said...

Soory Matt I cant find the file

chuck said...

one of mine.. will hunt it down and post link here one day . ..

Matt said...

Thanks Chuck.. xo

DJ Human Jukebox said...

Any chance of a reupload?

Matt said...

Any luck Chuck?

Bob Nebe said...

Ill remind him!