Friday, January 1, 2010

Zip 4 - Zip-Eye-Ear Book and EP

The last in the Zip series is the 56 page Zip-eye-ear book
and the 4 track vinyl Ep that came with it.
Released in 1986 it is the complete professional
package. Many thanks to Matt Mawson for his
scans of the booklet and Chuck for ripping the
EP and compiling the booklet scans.

01a-johnny willsteed-its a wonderful life
01b-terry murphy/matt mawson-Impulse
02a-tim gruchy-jungles
02b-Irena Luckus-Zeitgeist

Download Here


chuck said...

If your going to "preview" ahemmm.. these ppls art.. u should probably jump over to Matt's collection of web stuff he is involved with..
you can find the link over that way in followers section ------}}

my favourites are the traffic cop pc and the many car pics fantastic stuff matt :)

If you look hard enuff u can even find a xero clip on his utube channel


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey Chuck my followers grow day by day,
I always enjoy check it out.
heres the link to the art of Matt Mawson
His youtube channel
And his blog

bazzil said...

I always remember Matt Mawson's art from the early days of ZzZ. Some of the programme guides were adorned with his illustrations, as well as Semper magazine and don't forget his book "The Gentle Art of Cat Surfing" I pulled it out of the bookshelf this afternoon for another look. It brings back memories if a Brisbane long gone, the era of Joh and a radio station that united everyone against his regime... it was a crazy time.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Indeed bazzil, you sound a bit nostalgic there, we are all getting older, I mean most poeople under 30 arent going to remember life under Joh at all, back when uni's were radical.

timeg said...

Hey Bob, very pleased to see all this up on the web.
Here is a link to the video of my "jungles" track off this EP
Lots of old and new material here
and here
Tim Gruchy