Monday, January 25, 2010

Laughing Clowns - Live at the Tivoli 25-01-10

Well last night the Laughing Clown returned to Brisbane for the
Don't look back concert series

Performing their early 'hits' package 'History of Rock n' Roll
Volume One', in its entirety.
Yep, the same line-up that emerged after a 25 year hiatus to
perform at this years inaugural Australian All Tomorrow's Parties
Festivals - Kuepper, Wegener, Elliott, Miller and Spence
- will join forces once more time to put new life into old classics
such as Holy Joe, Sometimes (I Just Can't Live with Anyone)
and Everything That Flies.

And what a performance it was, a great collection of songs including
many that I wished for last time. The band playing even better than
last year, Ed in a jovial mood , what more could one ask for.
When I say the band was playing well, they were all fantastic.
Louise and Jeff particularly on fire and everyone playing
of each other.
Ed was in fine form in the bad joke department, at one time telling
a long story about razorback pigs and Jeff drum brushes.

My personal favourite "Every dog has its day"
was amazing with its incredible bass line ,
"Holy Joe" squawked and soared,
"Sometimes",which is perhaps their best song blew me away,
Jeff let loose like a drummer possessed on "The Laughing Clowns"
"I Want To Scream" surprised me sounding so fresh after all this time
but the 11.30 min version of "Collapse Board" was something else.
It was as if they had decided to take it to the same place Eternally
Yours went and turn it into the extended hyper-ballad that song
is live. I didn't even miss Eternally yours after that.

A fantastic night but its not over yet, The Dirty three follow.
I shall post on them next.
I got to finally met up with both Chuck and John,
both SSS blog contributors and we all had a fantastic time.
I know many more readers were there, but it was crowded
and once I settled in a good spot I didn't move around much.
I also picked up two live clowns cds how the Prince Melon
bootleg series.

And this rather blurry photo is Chuck trying to get a bit of video,
he has recorded and its all good I hear.
The sound on the night had a few issues with distortion and
feedback, so he's trying to overcome that.
I also got 3 songs on video,
they will take longer to get up to posting stage.
As by coincidence today is the SSS blogs 2nd birthday
and I can think of no better post to celebrate


John said...

A great night and terrific to catch up with you Bob and once again with Chuck. Long may we get to gigs. Nice write up Bob and agree with every word. I am now a bigger fan of Collapse Board live than I am on record. Ed just has got so mellow as he has got older.

Happy 2nd birthday to the best blog in town. Long may it prosper.

Andrew McMillen said...

Nice one Bob. The Clowns were good, though not on par with the GoMA performance for mine. I'll link you my review when it's live, probably tomorrow. There was also a bloke on the barrier recording the whole show with a tiny video camera - wonder if he's a reader of yours?

Anonymous said...

happy birthday SSS/bob and thanks for the report

i've got a lemon magazine cassette with a few songs from john kennedy on it - do you have that one? if not i can get it digitised and send it to you - it also features songs from badarts, sunset strip and my three sons - none of whom i've ever heard of!

Meltingpod said...

Happy Second Anniversary to your great blog Bob !!
Thanks a lot ot be so fast to post the report...i was so impatient to see some live pics and read they were good as usual...:)

Andrew McMillen said...

Recordings from the show:

bob nebe said...

Go out for a while and look at the comments go in, thanks all.
Graet to chat with you and you misses John, we should do it more often indeed.

Cant wait for your review andrew and of course nothing beats seeing a band reform for the first time in 25 years and the sound was a bit ordinary.

Thanks Annie we shall get recordings up even if Brenden has beaten us to it LOL.

To mr annonymous I should love to get these recordings, I haven't even heard about them before much less have them

Unknown said...

happy #2 stripey blog!!

Im just listening to brendans recording of the clowns gig and it clearly hasnt got the overloaded mic distortion sounds my recording suffers... even the p.a. on the night seemed to be farting out on some of the mid-to-low end stuff so maybe it was where i was standing in the room.. so good work brendan! 3 cheers for turning it up to 10 and capturing the moment.
a great gig.. a truely great gig.. i hope the clowns keep doing these one off shows in the future as im sure one day the public will catch up and they will get the wide spread attention they deserve.. those hairy gypsies werent bad either.
It was good to finally the meet "the bob" and catch up with john again.. a nice crowd all round except for the drunk guy who kept yelling "oi!" every 5 mins...

lemon mag sounds great btw.. a new one to me

viva la blog !!

bob nebe said...

Hey great night alright Chuck,
if you think you have distortion you should hear my video recordings
and it was great to finally meet the SSS blogs right hand man.

There is always one drunk big mouth trying to bugger up your bootleging!

viva la blog

meltingpod said...

ah ! it was a drunker man who howls all the 5 mn, I thought it was a crazy female groupie ! i wondered why nobody tried to kiss her on the lips to close her mouth...:)