Friday, January 1, 2010

Zip III cassette and booklet

The long awaited third installment of the Zip start series.
Released in 1984, limited to 400 copies. 45 minutes of
wonderful music and 2 2o page books a 24 page magazine
and 1 poster.

a 01-Xero-Beirut
a 02-Tim & Terry-We All Know
a 03-T T & Warner-Dogmattock
a 04-Matt Mawson-Subversive
a 05-Warner & Willy-Angels
a 06-Matt-Whats the word
a 07-John-e-Blue Lagoon
b 01-Matt-Regular Philosopher
b 02-Willy-Torque Torque
b 03-Matt Mawson-Fallout
b 04-Terry Murphy-Dwell
b 05-Tim & Michelle Andringa-Umbio
b 06-Tim Gruchy-One Ddub

The last in the series shall be coming soon thanks to the
combined efforts of Matt Mawson one of the original
Zip artists/musicians scanning the last book and Chuck who has
compiled the booklet into a PDF file and ripped the EP.
As for this the Zip III post all thanks to Chuck and
his hard work again!!

Download Here


Nigel said...

any chance of a re-up? dining to hear these comps