Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dirty Three - Live At Tivoli 25-01-10

The 2nd band for the Don't Look Back 2010 Concert was
in legendary Dirty Three, performing their seminal album
" Ocean Songs"

Released in March 1998 and recorded by American recording
engineer Steve Albini, Ocean Songs was the fourth album to be
released by the Dirty Three and was their recorded highlight
to that date. As suggested by the title, the sea provided much
of the inspiration for the album and the ebb and flow of
the tidal currents made their impression felt via songs
The Distant Shore, Sea Above Sky Below
and the epic Deep Waters
- all sixteen minutes and 30 seconds of it.

Well the Dirty Three were magnificent!
They are a band like no other, masters of improvisation
and masters of their instruments. Their compositions
are showcases for dynamics, they soar, they whisper
and they slowly change into this wall of sound that is
frankly breathtaking.

Warren is a genius, he is the greatest violin player I have ever
witnessed, but it would be a mistake to think that he was the
sound. Mick Turner and his guitar is majestic, as John said to
me after the show, he adds more to the band than you'd think.
Jim White is an incredible drummer, both him and Warren
often play off each other, so much so that its rather hard
to get a photo of Warren facing the audience.
I enjoyed the band, I'm not a fananic, I think I have one
album, but live they are something else.
Tim sent me a great link here
to a podcast in which the Dirty Three join Sarah Ashley from
Radio National's The Deep End to perform live in the studio
and talk about the making of Cinder.

Authentic Celestial Music Live


Mona said...

AAAGH! Who is this Tim that you keep referring to?
But yeah it was a grat link (thanx Tim) but....
Nice photos btw...better than than the ABC cld come up with...!

John said...

Top write up Bob. They are indeed something else live. Having Ocean Songs and Horse Stories I got my self curious as to Cinder and procured said album and had a little play this afternoon. I would describe it as more accessable. Shorter songs with even a vocal track. I can understand chucks point about a sameness to their records but live the tunes are for me more vital and alive and I would go and see them again no problems. I thought Authentic Celestial Music and Deep Waters were outstanding.

Enjoy Ms Faithfull.

aussiescrapper said...

Seems almost hilariaous, after a few glasses of Yellow, but I am listening to Rob Thomas "Exile on Main street: but I love this. Maybe it's the champas but thanks. Love Mel xxx

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Glad your enjoying Mel,
you can download the D3 concert recording from the night on Brendens blog here

Just the thing after a few glasses of champas