Friday, June 13, 2008

Redgum - The Lost Album

A very special treat from a very special contributor whom I will
refer only to as Mr S to preserve his anonymity.
Mr S has sent me two DVDs of rare Australian music and I'll
be sharing this wonderful stuff to you.
This is somewhat of a big surprise, an album of unreleased,
mostly studio material from Redgum.
These tracks aren't demos, they are finished, mixed and
ready for a release date, which never came. I didn't even
know this stuff existed. It appears this is Redgum after
John left, maybe some of these are left over tracks
which didn't make midnight sun, but the songs appear
too good for that. We have some wonderful Verity Truman
songs, an instrumental, Michael Atkinson, and Hugh McDonald
also feature strongly. Theres actually songs here that are so good
I think they will become favorites . We also have a fantastic
alternate version of killing floor. Let hear what you think in
the comments and many thanks to Mr S for bringing this to light.
Any info on the recordings also will be really appreciated.

Track list
01 Walking on the Ice.
02 These Four Walls
03 Footsteps on the Moon
04 Laughing It All Away
05 War on the Weekends
06 Water and Stone -
Winter and Spring
07 The Odyssey
08 Too Many Motels
09 Nothing Here For Me
10 Soldiers in a War
11 A Street To Die.
12 Killing Floor
(different version)

Download here


kelvin1962 said...

Thanks Bob and Mr.S for sharing this treasure.


Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell ! Awesome, downloading now ! Thanks Bob and the mysterious Mr S :O) Gareth (in the UK)

museum of imaginary histories said...

hello from the UK and thanks for posting all the redgum stuff it's good to fill in the holes in my (virtual) collection. Can't say I'm blown away by this one so far but it's only 4 tracks in so who knows.

Tazzie said...

Yep, have heard some of this stuff live in the early 1990's. I was lucky enough to see Redgum live 3 or 4 times in a couple of years. There was according to Mcdonald going to be a new Redgum album about this time. This is what he stated at a live gig in Launceston, Tasmania for the Greens party. Obviously it never happened. But i think it should have, the stuff i heard was solid. The track A Street to die was featured in an Australian move , cant remember the title, about a Vietnam vet who contracted cancer related to the use of Agent Orange. So not sure what actually happened, but more Redgum would have been great. I thought Hugh Mcdonald did a great job on Midnight sun. Maybe not commercially viable enough for the music moguls of the time, who maybe thought Redgum were over and done with sales time.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for that Tazzie, I agree I think redgum were great on Midnight sun, but I suspect album sales were down and record company support with it, because many bands who are in the midst of backing up still release that final record if its recorded
ciao bob

Tazzie said...

I have had a few listens to this album now and overall, it is ok, without standing out too much. Verity Trueman's vocals were something i could never get into to. Her featuring on three tracks lowers the quality of the album in my opinion. There were some standouts, war on the weekend, these four walls and a street to die. Thanks to Mr. S for getting this album to the point where it can be obtained !

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I often have felt the same way about Verity's vocals, but I did think she was quite good if not better than ever before on this album.
With john leaving it was always the case the rest would be singing more, the songs are good but it lacks those killer tracks, like "Running with the hurricane" and I think for release they would have done a bit more work on it, that said it is what it is, like a voice from the grave all these years later. I'm just amazed to hear it
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

G'day Bob,
Track 9 here is damaged and whole album won't load, Redgum were a great band, pity radio didn't like them except for one song

Tim said...

Thank you so much for all the redgum, I've been searching for many of these albums for a while, my cassettes have long since dissapeared/dissintegrated :) As for this lost album, bloody amazing, thanks again.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No problem Tim I know how hard to get this stuff is now. The lost album here is one of the true gems this blog has to offer

Adrian said...

Looks like all the links are dead :(

Anonymous said...

link is dead......

the biscuit said...

Hi Bob, any chance of this being uploaded again - also keen to get the tracks from Rebel Chorus

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

The Megaupload link still works on both.

the biscuit said...

Thanks Bob, now have it. If you are still interested in Rebel Chorus I have found album and expect to have it by Woodford and can probably supply a disc - will need help of teenager - get back if interested. Regards

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Biscuit, that would be way cool,
I should love that album.
I shall be at Woodford new years eve and if we meet before I have a few ciders I will still make sense.
Contact me on facebook or my space or if you leave your email addy here I can get it and not publish it.

the biscuit said...

Hi Bob, didn't hear from you at Woodford but note you dropped in - I have Rebel Chorus if you are interested, or alternatively you can buy the album online through either GEMM or Music Stack; just search under Redgum.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Biscuit, Id be happy to get a mp3 copy.
If you can do that and upload and send me a link here that would be great

Fina O'Brien said...

Thank you

Dale said...

Bob, greetings from Madison, Wisconsin, USA!

A chance album play at a party back in the mid-80s got me and several friends hooked on Redgum. Someone's sister living in Australia had sent music back home. (Madison's a college town, so there are a lot of interesting crosscurrents.)

The album in question was "Frontline." Later, the same sister connection sent "Caught in the Act," which is still my favorite.

We used to play and sing a lot of folk music back then, and Redgum songs were in heavy rotation in our campfire set. We struggled with some of the place names, but we managed to do their wonderful songs with as much enthusiasm and appreciation as we could muster.

The things Redgum were singing about were going on in the U.S. too, except during the Age of Reagan, no one was talking about it here. The radio stations were all playing Madonna, and the baby boomers were becoming yuppies and selling out. We're still paying for the sins of that era. As I read about the Gulf of Mexico filling up with crude oil, it's Redgum lyrics that come to mind.

Believe it or not, I have managed to purchase every single Redgum LP here in the U.S. - except for Virgin Ground, which I got on my honeymoon in New Zealand.

It's hard to believe I first heard Redgum 25 years ago. This unreleased album is a beyond-the-grave shocker. I have several old friends (and Redgum fans) who will be rendered speechless by its eminence from my iPod. Thanks for this terrific gift to us all.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Dale for that, its great to hear from redgum fans from so far away from here, it amazes me that this band that is so very Australian appeals so widely

dabbo said...

This is great stuff!! A number of these songs were played by the band live in 1988, you can actually see them on youtube if you search for redgum. They telecast some of the concerts from Expo 88 and Redgum played there. I suspect these songs were ready to go for a new album when the record company gave them the ^%#$$!.

I wonder what Hugh thinks of his hair from these days *lol*

Haydon said...

A re-upload of this one would be much appreciated - I've just gone to Hugh McDonald's reverbnation page and Soldiers In A War sounds fantastic!

Bob said...

back up

Bob said...

back up

Anonymous said...

Link appears to go to Midnight Sun and not The lost album

Bob Nebe said...


Anonymous said...

links are dead again

Nico said...

Unfortunately they're still dead, except for one that went to an executable.

Would be great to have them back up again, I can probably even host it, at least for a while.

Couch Surfer said...

I'll put my hand up for a copy too (prefer flac but beggars can't be choosers). Thanks in advance.