Friday, May 21, 2010

Vampire Lovers - Singles

The Vampire Lovers, also known as Vampyre Lovers or
Vampire Lovers were a Brisbane punk rock group formed
in 1982 The band existed from 1982 to 1984 and reformed
in 1988 to disband in 1990.
Generally recognized in Australia by the alternative crowd for their
first single from 1983 called "Buzzsaw Popstar",
the band eventually released one mini L.P. called
Acid Commandos from Planet Fuzz,
which appeared in 1991, one year after the band broke up.
Consequently, it did not receive as much attention as their early
Thanks to Chuck for this wonderful gothic punk,
now lets hear from Chuck

the first single released in 1983 according to
"who's who australian rock"

this version rereleased in 1987 ready for the bands
second coming..

new lineup not on this release but on heavy planet
fuzz includes
jason shepherd brother of hoodoo guru brad,
shane cooke the bassplayer
had played with the other
in a band called four horsemen in 85 -86..

sweetheart's blown mindless single released 1984

heavy planet fuzz single released 1988
on brisbane label called bent records..

2nd generation psychopath
filmed by brisbane original punk rocker steve kunde

and buzzsaw popstar

Download Buzzsaw ep and two singles


Duncan said...

Absolutely storming live tracks! That almost looks like me in the front row - not that I ever recall going to see them.

Anonymous said...

jason used to work in skinny's and he went to school at holland park

BK said...

Thanks for this!

milan said...

It seems that the links are broken. It would be great if you could re-up this file -many thanx.

milan said...

It seems that the links are broken. It would be great if you could re-up tlis file -many thanx.

Bob said...

back up milan!

Holly said...

Hello -
dratted links are down again sept 4 2013 -
if you ever choose to reupload (a hassle, I know), I'd be most appreciative :-)

Bob said...

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Holly said...

Oh, thank you sooo much!! I really appreciate you re-upping, I know it's a major pain.