Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gurus 1984 live

This live concert is from 1984 and one of the best periods of the Gurus career IMHO. The band was fresh and just starting to get noticed in a mainstream way here and pick up alot of interest on the american college circuit. Originally this was recorded for triple J and maybe Rock arena but was broadcast a few years back on Dig Tv. You can watch streams of this gig and lots of other goodies at the Dig Tv site here -

A few months after this gig they played a ZZZ gig at the Qld Uni (I dont think they were still called joynt efforts at that stage) and was one of the best concerts Ol Chuckie has ever been too... a few weeks later I got my first speeding ticket with stereo pumping "Stoneage Romeos" extra loud just like it oughta be- racing across the Storey Bridge late for work. The copper was amazed I never even noticed him till he overtook me - "too busy singing to notice sorry Offcer".. It was a fair cop..

Download concert here.

Gurus - I want U back

 The Uni gig was just before the Mars Needs Guitars album release as it was the first time I got to here some new stuff.. which dates it a month or 2 before may 1985.. no audio for that gig sadly, but a couple of crappy pics-

Local band Vicious Kites supported the Gurus at the Uni gig and feature next post..


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

That was one special single: I want you back. I would rate it one of the best songs of the 80s. Thank you.

chuck said...

just discovered a full version of this concert on dvd over here -

20 tracks in all if ppl want an upgrade