Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vicious Kites

 1985 was a good time for the Vicious Kites. This release saw them get good airplay on 4ZzZ and get some good support slots like the previous mentioned Gurus show. They got good crowds for their own shows too and were generally thought as on par with band Ups and Downs but with less paisley and a bit more funk.
 Very eclectic tastes says the myspace page.  link here -

I have a very strong recollection of bass player Luke throwing up blood and guts after the Gurus gig as he sculled a bottle of ouzo to help settle his nerves at a packed house refectory gig.. hmmmm  aniseed vomit.. can still smell it.. as for whatever reason I got roped into designated driver that night and had the pleasure of being in a car on that long drive from St. Lucia to New Farm with another Chuck!  A small price to pay for getting side stage to attempt some pic taking..

Ahhh,, the folley of youth..  prolly shoulda taken him to hospital with alcohol poisoning, but nah.. home to bed said the grrl.
 The band did what every band in Brisbane did at the time..  build up a big following.. get a single out.. and get the hell out of dodge asap..  Sydney was the greener grass apparently...
Another single followed (dont have it) and a 12inch mini LP (might post another day if i dont cop flack for this one). Myspace tells me the band members changed significantly over the years and I heard they played last years "Spressor Fest" at nundah., the first I had heard of em for a very long time.

This single still holds up well 25 years on. It was released on "Offbeat" records which was a brisbane mailorder business that was run by Lindsay who did the New Zealand show on ZzZ.. if I remember correctly.

 Download single here

For those interested I dug up and old cat. from Offbeat circa 1987 you can download here.


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Anonymous said...

Lindsay Eden was the Offbeat supremo - he lived at Jamboree Heights!

Unknown said...

Luke the bass player did end up in hospital that night, and I went with him. Don’t know who you are, designated driver, but your memory is apocryphal. Though you’re right re his choice of libation - ouzo, ouzo, and more ouzo.

Unknown said...

Very sad to report that the wonderful Luke Jacobs passed away on Saturday 27th April 2019. He leaves behind his son Robin, father Geoff and long time friend Jill. A service is being arranged to celebrate Luke’s life later this week. Check to Courier Mail family notices for more details. His friends, fans and colleagues are all encouraged to attend.