Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sound Of Sydney Vol 3 - VA

The last in the wonderful Sound of Sydney series Volume 3.
Starting with a bang with Paul Kelly's classic
"From St Kilda to Kings Cross" and The fabulous Skolars,
this is a great album in a great series that captures the
fun and excitement of the Sydney music scene in the
mid 80's. I don't know what happened to the bonus
single mentioned on the front cover!

01. paul kelly - from st kilda to kings cross
02. skolars - no room for happyness
03. double o's - we can overcome
04. happy hate me nots - what did they say
05. x - all over now
06. the amazing woolloomooloosers -
you stole my love
07. shikira - through the fire
08. rockmelons - time out
09. fiction romance - if you believe in love
10. single gun theory - raise my soul
11. surprise surprise - cried all my tears
12. soggy porridge - call my name

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