Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blowhard - Hey Taxi

Blowhard - Hey Taxi 7 inch single download here

I cant believe it took over 500 posts to get around to mentioning Blowhard on this blog....
Essentially Blowhard began around 1989 as Rollo's band Bad Ronald was winding down. Bad Ronald had released a couple of singles over a three year run.. which I dont have but you can catch a song on the compilation cd - Burning the Story Bridge found on stripey here , or check out this youtube clip.

I got this from the youtube channel flvnow that has some nice old brisbane bands on it but sadly hasnt been updated for years.

Rollo hooked up with Fred from past brisbane bands - Public Execution, New Improved Testament and the Brothers of Feedback - to form Blowhard that still rocks out to this very day..  although it's seen a few lineup changes including Fred moving on to form one of the best rock n roll thingamajigs Brisbane has ever witnessed - the 6fthick.
Rollo tried his hand at promoting gigs,providing PA and running a record label (Splurt) to a swag of brisbands over the years locking himself into the hall of fame of independent music here.

Public Execution (81-83)is listed in "who's who of oz rock" as snot punk band.. LoL. They released one 7inch and a couple of cassettes but the only song I have is from the compilation "At the Fuhrer's Request" found here on a previous stripey post.
I dont have any New Improved Testament stuff - (83-84) but a self titled cassette is listed in the who's who and they appear on the legendary "Who owns the choc bar" tape that is shown on the Prehistoric sounds site here under the compilation listings. If anybody is holding and wants to give it up... over this way would be appreciated :D..  I ask every couple of hundred posts just in case.. I'm looking at you fishead or cal! It looks like an ACT tape potentially , from the cover.
I dont have any BOFF sounds either, sadly. I did get to see them once in the old Atcherly hotel dungeon. They appear on a splurt 4 track 7 inch called "The Boogie Monsters"- Blow004, with a song "Pile Driver". This may have been one of the giveaways from the many Blowhard boat cruises of the time. I did buy a ticket once but couldnt make it on the night. Doh!  I'd post the ticket art here but Bob has a no porn policy on this blog..

King of the sideband theory ( you can support yourself and make more dollar$ if you have another band), Rollo and Fred began the infamous Fred Band. I cant describe the Fred Band, they are beyond words. You will have to watch these clips from an old Briz31 community tv programme called A and V circa 98 ( I think).
I was gunna post a fantastic Fred Band cd called C.R.A.P. but Ive just noticed they are to release a best of soon over on the Turkey Neck Records site. dang! These guys need to be heard to be believed. A couple of songs appear on compilations I'll post soon.

When Fred left Blowhard he helped form the legendary 6fthick with the Corbet brothers. They have released several Cd's but all are still available so no downloads, but you can watch a recent documentary "6ft Hick-Notes from the underground" on abc iview if you missed last weeks Tv screening.
It expires in 6 days but probably is all over the youtube by now. Many clips on youtube for the hick. Seek them out and be pleasured in ways not thought legal.
You can download a few live sets from a few years ago on Brendan's blog here.
This last clip from Briz31 A and V shows a brief live segment from the Chelsea club in the Valley.

Fred has another side band that has just released a new cd, and they seem to be getting rave reviews. The Jim Rockfords - moving at the speed of sound is available at Turkey Neck records and you can download a song -Tail Lights- from the site here
Blowhard song V8 Rock n roll can also be downloaded from that site as Turkey Neck has recently released a compilation called Blowhard - 5 minute ride through hell. Described on the site as -
5 Minute Ride Through Hell CD
Brisabane's Blowhard formed in a practice room in July 1989,  from the ashes of Bad Ronald and New Improved Testament and played their first show the following early september '89.  Blowhard shift from their early rawkus punkrocknroll to skapunk to jazzy hardcore in the late 90' to early 00's.All laden with antipodean humour and whit. This compilation "5 Minute Ride through Hell" encompasses all parts of their recorded career from 1990 to 2001 including the early single recordings through debut album "Blowin Off"  to fan favourite "Hornbag"  and later era "Toxic Swing". Many live favourites are here including V8 RocknRoll, Hey Taxi, Fat Juicy Cop, Big One and Teenage Girlfriend with the marvellous Fred Negro.
"5 minute Ride through hell" also features an extensive 16 page booklet full of liner notes, pictures magazine articles and flyers.

So why the hell am I plugging this site so much?  cos it deserves it- check out the turkey neck blog for some great old brisbane zine articles on The End and some great ramblings from Rod Mcleod about some early punk outfits he was in that have recently been reissued.


bob nebe said...

Arh Blowhard somehow they made it on to the valley mall walk of fame.
along side such Brissy legends as the saints, the Gobs, the Bee Gees,
Savage Garden, Keith Urban, Regurgitator, Custard and bloody
Blowhard's 20 years of hard work payed off!
Now how about a bridge named after them!

Anonymous said...

Well this is Big Rick again previous member of New Improved Testament and Brothers of Feedback- BOFF with Fred and Ex Mysteries drummer Russel. I have a studio recording on tape if your interested. Again its so cool to se this stuff thanks heaps

chuck said...

Bring it on Ricky.. bring it on!
forgot it was u in BOFF and had no idea Russel was drumming in this although i do remember him being around at this time.... One more hazy memory clarified thanx :)

Anonymous said...

At the same time Bad Ronald broke up so did The Rude Rabbits a bris ska band and this is where I came into the picture on Trombone, with Rollo looking for Horns and me looking for a new band (I had been asked to play with Bad Ronald 6 or so months earlier)and played with them until 2011.Just a little more history for you.