Friday, February 18, 2011

Tigerland - Andrew Pendlebury

Andrew Pendlebury is in my opinion Australia's greatest guitarist,
he has had a long and illustrious career some 35 years.
Starting of in the Sports in 1977, one of the best Australian bands
of the era, for some ten years and releasing his first solo album
in 1987. Between the Horizon and the Dockyard was a landmark
album and Tigerland his 2nd solo lp is also wonderful.
In all 5 solo albums, the only one I don't have is "Calling You" -
Regular Records (D 11187) (1992) and I should love to hear from
anyone who has that record.
If you do a bit of poking round here on the SSS blog you will
find all sorts of Andrew Pendlebury goodies,
He joined the Slaughtermen in 1984 with Mark Ferrie and many
other collaborative projects with other people esp with Stephen
Cummings the one time frontman for the sports.
In 1993 he collaborated with Doug De Vries on an album ‘Karate
and again in 1995 to record Trouble and Desire for ABC Music.
These days he plays with Mark Ferrie and Israeli cellist Adi Sappir,
in the fabulous Mercurials
Check him out here there is some 15 Andrew related posts here

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transplantedaussie said...

Hi, Really like your blog. I am now officially a follower. Just a little titbit. I was visiting Melbourne last September and had the opportunity to visit 3RRR's radiothon. They had playing in their performance space. 2 songs only Andrew, Cummings, and Ed Bates and I think Mark Ferrie on bass. They just rocked the place !! Also met David Bridie same day.
Keep up the great posts.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

That sounds fantasic, the only thing better would have been more songs.
David is a really nice bloke, I had a chat to him a few years ago.
thanks for the kind comments Craig

Anonymous said...

Pendlebury is one of this country's most distinctive guitarists and a true gentleman. Thanks for the post. I wish the link on the Mercurials was working so I could hear what he's doing now!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Here the Mercurials here