Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Bongin' Baby - 2 Weeks of Decadence

Big Bongin' Baby appeared around Brisbane around the tail-end of the 1980s and had frittered out by the early 1990s; appearing sporadically ever since. Notorious for not turning up to shows booked for them, while leaving a trail of cricket-inspired montage poster art for their shows.

The Bongers assumed the Pits philosophy of the early 80s by playing a brand of Brisbane suburban punk that takes away the pomp and seriousness that this city can sometimes create in its music. It's under-produced, under-rehearsed and under-valued - in other words, Toilet Rock.

2 Weeks of Decadence was their debut release from 1992, and by the sound of things it was recorded with a lot of compression at Vibrafeel studios in downtown Inala. Perhaps it's its relative obscurity that keeps it from being held as one of the most essential Brisbane 45s of its time, but nevertheless until someone out there puts together a compilation CD of their shambolic commitments to tape, then this is sadly it.

Big Bongin' Baby at the Treasury Hotel, 1992. Photo stolen from JJ Speedball.

Guitarist/vocalist Gutterball Pete and his brother Awesome Andy on bass, and a succession of drummers with names like Roger Adultery, Charlie Gay Pride and Barnaby Cones went on to release a split single with the Onyas, the 6 track EP Under Attack from the Squares - both released in 1994, and an LP in 1999 - Appetite for a Whopper.

Gutterball Pete went on to form the Cool Millions in the late 90s and the Golden Orbs and in the early 00s, as well as a guitarist for Strutter. He currently plays in the Royal Family. Awesome Andy has played with the likes of the Dangermen and the Wretched Villians among others.


michael bouwman said...

exquisite poster art! is that Dave Greenfield centre of that crucifix between Ayatollah Khomeini and Gary Coleman? thought provoking.

Donat said...

Yes, indeed it is.

Anonymous said...

I still play my copy of 2 weeks every now and then! It's a must have if you don't have it!

wolvie said...

No download link?

Anonymous said...

There was one more BBB 7" - not sure if its noted here - the even-more-amazing 'Under Attack From The Squares' from '94 with the rallying cry of 'Befuddle the squares, play Japanese guitars'. The artwork and sloganeering excel the VERY derivative music, but taken as a complete package BBB were just great.


Anonymous said...

Oops - Under Attack does get a mention! Feel free to ignore previous post