Monday, August 15, 2011

Cybernana - Riot Day

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This double cd was released to celebrate the infamous 1996 4zZz market day in which the army of australia invited itself to join in with the queensland police for a good ol' fashion hippy (punk) bashing... they called it a riot  - as we all know when kids are playing in the mud after a storm they should be sent home to have a warm bath and those that dont will be punished to the full extent of the law....
Funny how lately good ol mother England has been in a national debate for days following destructive dangerous mob activity as to whether local plod needs any army assistance... but back last century in Queensland the Army was ready and willing to assist moments after a few kids started playing in the mud... some say the army even practiced assistance the day before.....

Disc one is live from the Stages:
1. Blitz Babiez - Domesticated
2. Dogmachine - Disorder
3. Turtlebox - Sport
4. Feedtime- You
5. Drop - A letter to the prime minister
6. Porno Flick Bitches - Fuck shit up
7. Dregs of Humanity - Loss
8. Disrupt Youth - $49
9. Blowhard - Ben's one
10. The Wishing Chair - The real thing
11. Velour - Drop

12. The Subterraneans - Messiah
13. Screamfeeder - Bruises
14. Webster - Magic 2 Minutes
15. St. Jude - Knee
16. Pollen - Twitch
17. The Invinsible Empire - Last go round
18. Misery - Inverted Prophet
19. John Lee Spider - Johnny Smith
20. Weave - Games
21. Taxi - Country

Disc two is electronica from the Doof tent with a hidden track from the press concert after the market day riot
1. Organarchy - Vocoder Message
2. Jandy Rainbow & Ande - Union
3. Adrenalentil - Large family Units
4. Flowmadik - PeopleWithin the Underground
5. Grumblemorph - Bass Level 160bpm
6. Earthmetal - Homo Mojo Rising
7. Grumblemorph - All That Scratching (acid scratch mix)
8. Grumblemorph - Dubbed
9. Jandy Rainbow - Lovechild
10. Pygmy Limbo Dancers - Rumble in the Park
11. press conference aftermath (uncredited on cd)

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an interesting article from the courious snail can be found here -

The folowing year was at Albert Park and called Zed Bubble - Market Day.
A lot of the early part of the day was broadcast on zed and relayed to several other states on alternative radio stations.. I managed to tape about an hour of this broadcast in the afternoon to catch old mates "lee harvey.."
bands caught live are Dream poppies , godnose and Lee Harvey and the Oswalds with some interesting voxpop and interviews with custard... enjoy!