Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Furious Turtles - Endangered Species ep

These guys were everywhere in Brisbane in the mid-eighties.. Totally Ska-licious!!

Ray Moynihan the guitarist was a 4 ZzZ announcer/ news Journo and in several other bands including 'I Am Vertical' with Geoff Woods and Andrew Bartlett. He is now a medical journalist of some note. I will try and dig up a great interview with 612abc Steve Austin last year regarding his new book.
Bruce Forbes - sax , keys
Tim Littler - guitar

Mick Hoelscher - drums , percusion
Chris Coulter - bass , trombone , keys , vocals
Martin Thompson - guitar , vocals

Time Off - 25 september 1987 p14
Download here.


Anonymous said...

I had a copy of this EP on cassette when I was in year 9 or 10 (?). God, I loved it then. The tape went missing some time in the 90s and I have never been able to track down the Furious Turtles until now.

Can't stop listening to it. Better than I remember. :)

chuck said...

Ray M in a podcast here :
for recent book- dec 2010 -
must listen!


and a more recent one here


Anonymous said...

EP's and later CD's (antiturtalitarianism)still exist under a band member's bed, Mick Turtle.

Graham said...

Hi Bob
Can you re-upload the links. Thanks Graham

bob nebe said...

Sorry lost this fella somewhere!
Will try Chuck

Silver Sky said...

Hi, do you know how I could get hold of a cd from them? Thanks

Silver Sky said...

Hi, do you know how I could get hold of a cd please?