Friday, August 5, 2011

Popsicle - Various Artists

A rip of a nice little Melbourne centric cassette,
Thanks Paislie

This is a demo cassette I got in Melbourne,
I can't remember anything about when or
where or how or why,
but it's an interesting mix of bands.
I've copied in the photocopied cover that came with it.

enjoy, Paislie.

Download Here


Philippe said...

This is interesting stuff. Glad to have come across it.

People should consider releasing cassettes still nowadays I reckon

mswahili said...

This cassette was free with entry to a gig at the Evelyn in '95. Sandpit were on the bill but didn't make it to the tape - pity 'cos they were the only mildly interesting band of the lot.

Phillipe - hahaha, *everyone* is releasing cassettes these days! It's ridiculous. Apparently for small runs it is somewhat cheaper than making CDs though, so I guess it makes sense on some level.

Rupewrecht said...

Awesome! And here i was thinking that i had everything by The Earthmen. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Ah, nice to see. It was one of the two nights we put on with both having a free cassette & bands playing at both the now long gone Punters Club & The Evelyn at the same time. It was really nice that both venues were happy to host a range of pop-ish local bands.