Monday, October 13, 2008

Flaming Hands Singles and Live to Air

This collection of studio singles and a live to air FM
broadcast is brilliant. The Flaming Hands were one
of the greatest bands to come out of Sydney in the
early to mid 80's. Absolutely one of my favs,
singer Julie Mostyn is a very special vocalist
and songwriter/guitarist Jeff Sullivan wrote
some of the greatest pop songs which should have
incredibly successful. "Its Just That I Miss You"
is in my 20 greatest Australian tracks of all time.

They released one album in 1984 which didn't
give them the breakthrough they deserved,
they broke up not long after that.
This disc comes to us thanks to Roger who
most generously sent it to me.
The song "Seek and find" was released on the
phantom records compilation "Paths of pain
to jewels of glory" which I posted here
The other tracks 1 to 9 were released as
singles, which some of the best artwork.
Tracks 10 and 11 also were released as a
single, they are my rip.
I have no information on the live
performance so if anyone(Roger?)
can help, its bloody fantastic however.
Great quality in both performance and sound.

Track List

01 I Belong To Nobody 1980
02 The Stranger 1980
03 Wake Up Screaming 1981
04 Sweet Revenge 1981
05 Go Or Stay 1982
06 It's Just That I Miss You 1982
07 Seek & Find 1982
08 The Edge 1983
09 Sacrifice 1983
10 Break Down And Cry 1983
11 Open Window 1983
12 So Excited (Live)
13 It’s A Question Of Temperature (Live)
14 Love Aches (Live)
15 It’s A Problem (Live)
16 Go Or Stay (Live)
17 Get Ready (Live)
18 Seek And Find (Live)

Download Here


staggerlee said...

hi bob,juan from spain again here man, do you think you could send me by email the rapidshare link to the robert forster concert in NYC in 15-9-2008? you see the link provided is too slow.
Also would you have The Apartments when the evening visits...??
i think it´s beautiful.

Anonymous said...

so fast !!!!!!!!!!!
1000 thX !!!

just hope 1 day i can return your fabulous help !

bob nebe said...

Ill email you staggerlee
and DD your welcome if you have any
thing I havent got on the blog that will fit, Australian and good, let me know
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Very nice, very reminiscent of Angie Pepper & the Passengers, which in turn sounds like Birdman with a torch singer, which is hardly unexpected given the links across. Great score, thanks.

OzSteve said...

I can supply further information, including correct titles for the live to air material, I was their biggest fan at the time - but zshare is a total dog of a service - all I get is spam and pop-ups - please repost to a sensible sharing service - anything, I've honestly tried 15 times

bob nebe said...

zshare has been working quite fine for most of this year but seems to have a few problems of late, Some 127 people managed to download the flaming hands before it went off.I'm going to go back to rapidshare for the moment and hope zshare keeps going cause most of my uploads have been to there.
I repost the link once I have it
ciao bob

OzSteve said...

Bob, you are a genius - thanks for responding so quickly

Wow - "So Exited" takes me back to the Sundowner Inn at Punchbowl - where I think it debuted !!!

"Love Aches" - Jeff really says "Love X" as in "Love Execution" - it's an old Passengers song that was a staple of the Flaming Hands set

"It’s A Problem" is really "Instant Fun" - Instant fun, when I'm with you...

P.S. The New Passengers are now working - check out:

Frank K said...

Hi Bob, Frank from Vinyl Goldmine here. Just found this post. Had seen that live performance listed on a couple trading sites and hadn't had any luck tracking it down. So a BIG THANKS to you! As you know, I love this band. I think "So Excited" is as good as any of the singles they recorded. I wonder if they ever recorded it. I wonder if Jeff Sullivan has anything in the vaults he'd be willing to make available.

zak said...


Anonymous said...

You are a legend!

Thanks HEAPS!


Anonymous said...

please update link