Monday, June 2, 2008

Not Drowning Waving - The Sing Sing EP

Not Drowning, Waving is but part of the astounding musical legacy
of David Bridie. Formed in Melbourne in 1983 by Bridie and John
Phillips this band would be like nothing that had ever come from
Australia. Combining elements of world, rock and ambient music
they would create something so groundbreaking that many
would be unable to even classify them.
Heres a description from inside "Through the one last door"
their double Cd best of collection.

Why not write songs with texture and space as well
as melody and rhythm? Songs with colours from the
non-rock palette:
piano, violin, cello, harmonium
and a whole library of things

that go clack and thud when you hit them?
And why not turn for inspiration to places generally
from the acoustic and electronic lines of
old Europe to the
indigenous atmospherics of this
country and the islands that surround us?

This Ep released in Feb 1986 was the next release after
"A little desert"and continues on from that album in a similar vein.
It also begins the fascination with Papua New Guinea which would
culminate in their masterpiece "Tabaran" with both tracks
"Up in the mountains" and "The sing sing" re-recorded for that LP.
"Sing Sing" also was recorded again for "Cold and the Crackle",
but this is the original recording of this their signature tune.
This Ep was never released on CD so this is a rip from
my vinyl copy to fill a request from Darren, He's also after
"Mr Pooh (don't be a do be) their 3rd Ep if anyone can help
and I'm happy to hear from anyone about any rare rips
from this band we can get our hands on.

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thanks. :-)

Here's a vinyl rip of the Mr Pooh EP (for Darren).


mialee said...

A couple of things:
A pro shot dvd of Not Drowning is currently posted on Dimeadozen.
A recent interview and some music of Ed Kuepper in Germany has been posted on
I saw Neil Murray last night and what a disapointment he must have felt to play in front of a total of 14 punters.
For the life of me I can't understand after a reasonable amount of publicity why such a talented individual is struggling to attract a crowd.
The venue must have felt equally disappointed as they forfitted the $23 buck entrance fee and allowed us in for free. I swapped the money for his Overnighter cd and I'm hoping that the two of us aren't the only ones who have brought his latest release.
The support for the night was equally impressive - Dan Sultan. If you haven't heard of him, his band is well worth seeing given the chance.
And finally since I'm touching on some local talent, have you come across the newfoundfrequency web site. Plenty of great recordings and I must suggest the Ian Collard recording (Backsliders member) as well as The Band who knew too much are terrific.
I'm sure that their cover of Know Your Product will certainly put a smile on your face.
Keep up your great blog.

Anonymous said...

Cob here mate.

The "Mister Pooh" track, would that be the same one on the "Another Pond" CD?

I could have that online in a couple of hours.

bob nebe said...

Thanks for all your quick responses,
thank you to Baskingshark for
the mr pooh ep,
mialee for telling about all that stuff esp the NDW DVD, I missed that
but im getting it now, since theirs no live stuff on this band I think i'll rip the audio.
I'll check out the web site/artists
you recommend.
Bloody shame bout Neil Murry I saw him play at the shamrock hotel here in brisbane one year.
Maybe a dozen people showed up and he had a full band. Put on a fantastic show anyway, but i wonder why JJJ don't give him some airplay
The overnighter Cd is fantastic, so Im glad to hear about another person who brought a copy
And thanks Cob I'm not sure but i think there is at least one track not on another pond, thanks anyway
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this Bob, lovely stuff. This version of the sing-sing track is really good, don't know why it hasn't been on any of the reissues? Thanks also to Baskingshark for the vinyl rip of the Mr Pooh EP!
Cheers, Darren.

bob nebe said...

Sing Sing is great on this, its a good point about the reissues cause theres been a few
ciao bob

Anonymous said...


What DVD is on Dimeadozen? (the only commercial one is a Tabaran bonus DVD of video clips)... this one almost sounds like it is live?

[I don't have Dimeadozen; will have within days for NDW though!]

Hey, nice posts too. I have the Sing Sing EP; will be interesting to see how our vinyl rips compare (mine will probably be worse). Agreed with all on the version of Sing Sing.

Mr Pooh is pretty rare - that is cool :)

You have actually done a good job here filling some very small holes in my collection. For example, The Little Desert LP rip had a different version of Empty Trees and Buildings to that on the recent remaster.

So, by chance... does anyone have...

* Easter 7" single (NDW side project - Pilon and the Tum Tum Tree is on the new Another Pond CD, but the other track, Cheesecloth, is unavailable)

* Moving Around 7" single (original mix is lost)

* Cold and the Crackle LP (different mixes to the CD's on the first side... better mixes, IMO... I have tried to rip the vinyl, but am not very good)

There is some live stuff around that was distributed through Follow the Geography... does someone have an e-mail address? - might be able to help...

bob nebe said...

Hi Chums, This is the dvd on dimeadozen right now, its a slow download at 3.27 GB and still only one seed, Im at about 85 percent after 2 days.
You will need an account I don't know how eas it is to can get them now.If you want to email me just leave your email address here and I won't publish it any contributions are greatly appreciated

So the dvd, this will get you excited

NOT DROWNING, WAVING (reunion show)[Pro-shot PAL DVD]

March 25, 2006
The Soundshell,
Alexandra Gardens,
Melbourne, Australia

Due to very slight (barely noticeable) technical imperfections, this footage will not be made available officially. It must not be offered for sale.

Songs performed:
The Cold And The Crackle
Crazy Birds
Willow Tree
Big Sky
Teteko Aotearoa
Albert Namatjira
Sing Sing

ciao bob

_ said...

i have a copy of the easter single and the cold and the crackle vinyl and also little king EP, i just need to get myself a record player and then i'll put a post up when i rip all that.
also interested to know if anyone has a copy of anything by 'an ordinary field', i have their EP which i will also rip but i used to have a tape of a live show and i think some demos from their LP that never happened.
thanks for the sing sing ep.

Anonymous said...

An Ordinary Field (featuring Russel Bradley of NDW, and who were mixed/recorded/produced by Tim Cole) have a small site at

which includes downloads of the unreleased album "Will" as well as the six track mini LP "No Hands for the Preacher"

bob nebe said...

Thanks heaps for the link Mr anonymous, 2 free albums and all legit ciao bob

_ said...

Finally got around to ripping some stuff:


quality is a bit noisy but ok.

LP version of "Cold and Crackle" coming soon.

_ said...

cold and crackle LP version here:

more oz stuff to come...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob & Others. First off, let me say thanks for such a great blog. There is so much fantastic Aussie music out there that no-one has ever heard of, and it's great that someone is promoting these artists.

That said, I have a request. If anyone out there has a copy of Bellydance's One Blood album, I have been searching online forever, and would love to get a copy. I had the CD for years but it got wrecked before I started using computers to back up my music...