Saturday, May 3, 2008

Used And Recovered By - Compilation By RRR 102.7 FM

A great compilation of what many would call covers of
classic Australian songs. Released in 1990, a project of
Melbourne's RRR, a very hip community radio station,
this CD brings together some of the biggest underground
artist with a number of more unknown acts.
Many of the songs covered here are very well known
in mainstream circles, others less so, but these songs
have been transformed, dare I say even improved.
Not Drowning Waving cover the Mason/Newman song
Kitchen Man, most unexpected and brilliant.
A band called Ripe cover the Kilbey classic
Under the Milky Way which is very nice.
Another artist I don't know, Mary Jo Starr
does a beautiful version of the Hunters classic
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Wedding Parties Anything cover David McCombs
classic Wild Open Road transforming it into a
folk song as only they could of.
We also have songs which form the backbone
off MMM's Australian classic rock eternally
repeated playlist, which here sound nothing
like the originals, definite improvments.
A couple of Angels songs, ACDC, Australian Crawl,
you get the idea.
Sea Stories transform You Shook Me All Night Long,
complete with violin I could hear the Triffids doing
this song. The Killjoys cover of the Seekers,
Another You is glorious and you have to hear
Rob Craw doing Am I Ever Gonna See your Face
Again, to believe it.
Paul Kelly and the Messengers steal the show with
their cover of Reckless, beautiful and haunting,
with Chris Wilson on harmonica,
a fitting end to the album.

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Anonymous said...

Cob here mate.

Mary-Jo Starr was a stage name for Kaarin Fairfax, actress and ex-partner of Paul Kelly.

Ta for posting the songs.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for the info cob
I didn't know that
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob

I know this one is old, but do you think you can re-up this one?
I am trying to compile all of INTOXICA's rarities.
There is this one and two tracks on "Hair of the Dog Live" that i am still after.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob

I know its old, but is there any chance in getting this re-upped?

Thanks Mate

bubba said...

Many thanks, excellent collection!!
(BTW, one of the upload links still works.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, it doesn't look like any of the download links for this one work any more. Does anyone have a working link, or alternatively could someone put the file in their dropbox or google drive etc and paste the link here. This album was on constant rotation in my old Datsun Sunny back in the day and I'd love to get a copy of it again.

Bob said...

back up

fletcherkane said...

Can this one please be re-upped?

Anonymous said...

Would be great to have this uploaded again. I lost my only digital copy in a burglary.