Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Robert Forster Up Late, Brisbane Art Gallery. 18-09-09

Chuck has done it again,
this time he has recorded the last gig of the most recent up late
series and I for one are eternally grateful cause I missed the gig
and it looks like is was magic.
Also many thanks to Kathleen, who Chuck describes as a fan
of the blog, for the wonderful photos that Chuck has used in
his equally wonderful artwork.
Thanks Chuck! Now lets hear from the man himself.

I was supposed to work this day but ditched work at the last
to go to a friends funeral and finished a rather sombre
day with this great concert that cheered me up tremendously.
Thx Robert and his 2 great conspirators
Thx also to Kathleen for the pics - some more of this concert
and lots of past pics can be found on Kathleens Fickr pages
found here
This was the last concert in "the met up late" series that
entry into the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane
and a host of
bands on friday nights. The art gallery was
hosting the
"American Impressionism and Realism" exhibition.
The gig occured in a rather large hall as seen in front cover pic...
the artist preformed from a small island in a large pond with
covering... a sonic nightmare, although the recording
/ mix on the
night sounded ok.. sadly the rather wined up
friday night crowd
murmurings echoed about the cavern
making an acoustic set
hard work for Robert;
but 30 years on the job saw him shine on through !
btw - does anybody else still hear grant singing the harmonies
on the go-be songs in their heads? freaky . . . . .

Download Here


Garageland said...

excellent work. thanks

alex fernandez said...

how soon??

please don't make me suffer

bob nebe said...

Just finished getting all the files, Chuck sends them by pack horse.
I have to go to work now so it will be about 12 hours from now

Unknown said...

f.u. fred the packhorse has been a loyal servant and gets the job done :)

bob nebe said...

LOL the pack horse has arrived!
ready to download

John said...

Haa haa! Go Fred. Good stuff Chuck.

I missed this one as well. My usual grumble about not enough time.

misha said...

Pure gold! Is it real about the new album? I do hope so... Well, anyway, thank you so much!

Tremelo said...

Good Stuff!LoveD the GO-B'S and Forster is GREAT!!Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this for fans across the world!

Here's a review I found:


Anonymous said...

Thak you so much
i love it

Anonymous said...

Being in another state, I sent my mother to this show. She'd never seen/heard-of Robert Forster before.

She sent me text after the show, I quote:

RF brilliant. I'm a fan. I haven't felt this way since Strawberry Fields.

High praise indeed :)

bob nebe said...

That Bobby is a brillant story

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this gem! I just found your blog and you made my day!

Claes, your sunstriped friend in Sweden.

Unknown said...

1. full moons are freaky !
2. brisneyland is the smallest town in the known universe !

I was talking to 2 hot chicks on sat night about the steeleye span gig they had just been too, and low n behold one of em turns out to be Adele Pickvance.
As luck would have it i had a cd-r copy of the met concert on me as i've been suffering a terrible addiction of last weeks to repeat listening of said gig.. so .. a quick "guess what ive got" and a scribble note of the stripey blog details later i bid fairwell to the hotties and drift off into the night ....
if u get here adele.. welcome to the blog


bob nebe said...

Chuck who else would
1. be carrying a copy of a 2 week old
rob and co boot on them
2.run into one of the artists.
Very cool!
And you plug the blog as well.
So how did you work out it was Adele, did you recognize her or
did she tell you?
Great story.

Robert Lukins said...


Just given this a proper listen after weeks in my To-do list. Such a lovely show.

Just a King In mirrors (ah.) (always a loved, lost b-side) and a really beautiful Surfing Magazines (fun that he doesn't know how to end it because it's going so well).

Thanks again for those involved in recording / persisting / posting.

I've posted a copy to my mother - possibly the newest / greatest 60+ Forster fan on the Sunshine Coast (I prepare to be corrected).

Thanks again.


bob nebe said...

I think thats brillant i wish my mom was that hip,
sorry if your reading mum