Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mutant Death - Death Culture/Police Verbals/Priority One

What a little gem this one is,
Paul sent me this record in the mail so I could digitalize and
share with you all. So I have eventually got around to doing
it this weekend.
Thanks Paul !
Now lets here from paul himself.

Track List
01. Death Culture
02. Police Verbals
03. Priority One
Paul here aka Bottlelow. I just tracked down a 7"
from a guy in France
that I have been trying to find for years
by a Sydney band
from the early 80's Mutant Death
ex members of Brisbane band
The Black Assasins.
It's super rare with a great track Police Verbals on it,
a song that has stuck in my mind since the first time
I heard it
and subsequently has had even more significance
due to first hand
experience of corrupt cops.
I think you would enjoy it and I'm sure

some of your readers would too especially Sydney ones.
My turntable cant connect to a computer so I thought
I could send it
to you you can give it a spin.

Download Here


GraemeSTL said...

Hmm, interesting. Is there any chance of re-upping the Brisbane singles from your May 2008 post please?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I should be able to manage that Graeme

bottlelow said...

top job Bob...many thanks!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

My pleasure Paul
Glad you like it

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Brisbane Singles is back up

GraemeSTL said...

Cheers Bob, I enjoyed those, especially the Dennis Colon one, charm aplenty!

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Stephen Stockwell said...

I gigged with Mutant Death a few times in the 1980s and made this clip for Priority One Pig's Bum while I was at Uni of Technology in Sydney in 1986. The clip got a good airing on Rage and would randomly pop up at 4am on Saturday mornings for the next 20 years. Check it out:

Fran Gibson said...

Hi there,

I am writing a history of Redfern Legal Centre and would love to have a copy of the Police Verbals song. the download link doesn't seem to work. Any chance you still have it? Thanks a lot. Email

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was in Mutant Death, which turned into Repeat Offenders. will email you.

Bob Nebe said...

back up