Friday, September 11, 2009

First Breath Of Air - Matt Williamson

Second is "First Breath Of Air", this one was on the prefered
playlist of radio 2MCE fm for 2004 it received a review so
rather than say anything myself i'll quote John Walker.

" First breath of air ". was recorded in a two hour session on
the verandah of pix records in Queensland in the spring of 2002,
it is an album of unique and beautifully crafted songs by Australian
tunesmith Matt Williamson. the title track is a reflection on a life
fractured by depression and is autobiographical in nature,
it acts as a perfect introduction to an album that is a poignant
and heartfelt observation of humanity and the universal themes
of belief of culture of nature and of life and death. These truths are
observed with insightful lyrics and a style of singing and playing
that is so honest and unique it is impossible to draw comparisons.
Matt plays an old nylon string guitar held together with aroldite
and a couple of five dollar mouthorgans, he sings with a sense of
devil may care inner reflection, his guitar playing has a percussive
style that somehow fully orchestrates each tune, creating an album
full of atmosphere and intensity.
Song by song it is full of gems,
"Loaded Man with a Gun" a statement on american ideoligy,
"Trees" a wonderful contempory take on Joyce Kilners famous poem,
"Damn it all" the loss of a friend through drug abuse,
"Truck" and "Waiting For The Rain" are meditative and beautiful,
made up on the spot during the recording session,
"Comes the Time" is lyrical and profound it gives an insight
into not only a unique and wonderful singer/songwriter
but a great australian philosopher, Matt Williamson.

John Walker, The Advocate.

Comes the time - Matt Williamson

And when the time has come
to lay your body down,
is that when peace will come
is that where freedom's found
and as your bones decay
a name without a face,
will your soul rise up
into another place?
Or will you linger there
within the inbetween,
and will your "eyes no more",
see things you've never seen,
will the promise made come true
or was it a guess,
at least while your alive,
good luck, take care and God bless.

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