Friday, September 11, 2009

All Over The Moon - Matt Williamson

John Williamson is a very generous soul who has shared
much of his music both here and on his My Space site,
his music has always incited some of the most excited
comments and amazement on how he has remained

Hi Bob, I've put together another couple of albums
for you
and if you like them please feel free to
share them.

First is another compilation of songs called
"All Over The Moon",

some are solo recordings and others i have the
support of other
musicians and some lovely backing
vocals from Tomika and Karen.

Playing on this one are.
Peter Hudson - drums
Kim Hinkfuss - bass on "radio heaven"
Mick Thatcher - guitar
Tomika - backing vocals on "the moon is on our shoulder"
Karen - backing vocals on "feel"
Wendy Hodgson - piano on "jimmies gone"
Pix Vane-Mason - arrangements and backing vocals

Track List

01 From my hometown to the common ground
02 Feel
03 I believe
04 Old friend
05 Radio heaven [live]
06 The moon is on our shoulder
07 Get outta here
08 Jimmies gone
09 Familiar
11 Scruffy man

Download Here