Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grant McLennan. 12 February 1958 – 6 May 2006

Its been 4 years since that Saturday afternoon when
Grant McLennan left this world. He is of course still
with us with the work he left behind, we can only dream
of what he would have done with these last 4 years if
he was still here.
I only met Grant once, we had a small chat, he was
a warm friendly fellow, I told he how I had used a
Go-Betweens song for an important event, it was one
of Roberts songs, he said it was a beautiful song for the
purpose. He touched my life like so many others,
his music a large part of the soundtrack of life for over
20 years and I wish he could have lived at least as long
as his hero Bob Dylan.

Peter Milton Walsh has writen a most beautiful piece
on Grant and today.
Read Peters post here


Albion Love Den said...

Always warmly remembered.

Zeek said...

Grant's four solo albums are an absolute treasure. I also have and love the Apartments album "Life Full of Farewells' (though need to track down the earlier albums). Great music!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

The Apartments albums are meant to be released, it seems you can still get some releases from amazon. I promised not to post any of the offical cds due for release.
Grants solo stuff fantastic I have posted somewhere in the backblocks of the SSS blog some very good live grant from his solo period

Zeek said...

Cheers. Just bought the first two albums off Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Bob - Walsh surfaces so rarely and I would have entirely missed his tribute to Grant's memory without your link.

Robert Ashdown said...

Been wandering the backroads (backpages) of your blog, it is an astonishing site and a true labour of love. Wonderful posts, thanks.

Bob Nebe said...

Thanks Robert!