Friday, May 28, 2010

Sound of Sydney (vol. 1) - Various Artists

Finally I'm getting to the wonderful sound of Sydney series
and what a series it is. 3 volumes of the best of Sydney, this the
first was released in 1983. Not only does Brisbane band
Moving Parts make it on, theres my favorite the Skolars,
ska band the allnighters and early Spy V. Spy.

Track List
01 - The Products - Powerplant
02 - Personnel - Never Be Your Man
03 - Fast Cars - Saturday's Girl
04 - Allniters - She Made A Monkey Out Of Me
05 - The Girlfriends - Gone With The Wind
06 - V. Spy V. Spy - Brightside
07 - Fast Cars - No, No
08 - V. Spy V. Spy - Do What You Say
09 - Progression Cult - Subordinate
10 - Division 4 - She's Just Not Anybody
11 - Division 4 - Stop Dreaming
12 - Skolars - Something (Should Be Done)
13 - Moving Parts - Dress Up Picasso

Download Here


Dr Steve said...

Great work Bob, love your blog.
Good to hear V spy and Division 4 again! I have the Fast Cars EP in the collection too.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, thanks for this, may be a glitch in the link, could you please repost, regards Maloo

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Just checked Maloo, it seems to be working fine and accessed some 115 times. Try the secondary mega upload

Lee Lee said...

Thanks for posting this, been trying to find Skolars for sometime!!

GraemeSTL said...

Great album! Any chance of posting Volume 2?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I getting to that, maybe next week

fifi said...

How Cool. I did that cover!

AussieRock said...

Thanks for this great comp Bob, much appreciated. Great blog by the way!
Some great names here - in particular v Spy v Spy & Fast Cars
I also haven't heard the 2 tracks by v Spy v Spy before - I wonder if they were special releases?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to download this file without getting the adware "multiplug.gen7" along with it please?
I used to have this on vinyl many years ago and really miss it. I also had some of the artists records too .. Fast Cars .. Spy V Spy. All in an EX's collection now :(

Raga said...

I'd love to hear all 3 volumes of this if you have them Bob, cheers!

Bob Nebe said...

back up

Gordon Mills said...

Cheers Bob, great collection!

You may be interested to know that Fast Cars have just released a live CD recorded at the Mona Vale Hotel in 1981, brilliant stuff! I am listening to it now.

All the best,