Friday, May 14, 2010

Pollen - Jesus In A Jar

The 2nd Brisbane band from 1995 sent to me by Marco
is Pollen. I can't remember them myself,
so if anyone does feel free to share your recollections
in the comments.
Thanks Marco!

Pollen I believe were originally a Gold Coast band.
They released two EP's and one full length album also.
Saw them a few times around Brisbane
(4ZZZ market day, Queens Arms Hotel).

Again, they were great and should all own mansions.

This is their first EP. It features their original singer
a rawer, harder production which moved to a
pop sound on following releases.
Highly recommended.

Download Here


Darragh said...

Great! I remember this band. I was fairly young at the time, but I think I saw them at youfest!

Trent said...

With Webster as per below Pollen etc, the brissy music scene was pumping during the mid nineties.

Not only did you have the "larger" bands (custard, Powderfinger, Regurgitator) there were bands like these.

Lyngren, StJude, Turtlebox, Crop Circles etc.

Thems were the days