Friday, May 7, 2010

Inner Sanctum - Missing Link Compilation

Ken has digitalized this fantastic compilation from 1979,
15 tracks, 15 artists, all from the missing link label.
Heaps of rare tracks and classics.
Some bands which went on to bigger things like
the Sports and Dave Warner and some that should of
like the Victims, who's track here is a classic.
Even a track from Norman Gunston.

As Ken says,

It's a cracker imo ...
diverse as all get out and is one of my favourites.

Thanks Ken

Track list
A01 Bleeding Hearts - Hit Single
A02 The Sports - Twist Senorita
A03 The Millionaires - Please Don't Mention the Junta
A04 The Victims - Television Addict
A05 Uncle Bob's Band - Mr Domestic
A06 The Pelaco Brothers - Mechanics in a Relaxed Manner
A07 The Boundary Four - Corroboree Rock
B01 Dave Warner's From The Suburbs - Summer '78
B02 News - Nobody Wants Me
B03 The Record Bandits - They're Closing Down the Import Shops
B04 Young Modern - She's Got the Money
B05 Relaxed Mechanics - Truckin' Casanova
B06 Thorburn - Brick Wall
B07 The Belair Bandits - Nights in Rio
B08 Norman Gunston - Hor's D'oeuvre

Download Here


roberto said...

Thanks for this,I've had this record many years ago,then sold in the 90's,but Nights In Rio by the Belair Bandits,remains in an obscure part of my(damaged) happy to listen again,you've make my day!cheers

Unknown said...

television addict is a classic!

dont be shy to try the flipside tho.. funtastic too!

bob nebe said...

Thanks chuck!

Anonymous said...

Great post, great record. Does anyone have Missing Link 1 - The Pelaco Bros and relaxed mechanics meet the Fabulous Nudes and the Autodrifters? It is even better but my scratched worn copy is not worth remastering.

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like treat, Anonymous!
It's on my radar ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, can you put an email address on your blog- I want to send you some 'Moving Parts', finally digitised, thanks, Maloo

bob nebe said...

Hi Maloo you can send me anything to this address

just tell me here to check it, otherwise I don't go there unless Chuck has sent me something there
Thanks Mate

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, first track emailed, regards Maloo

bob nebe said...

Thanks Maloo I be looking

Ash said...

Re: Relaxed Mechanics and Fabulous Nudes vs. Auto Drifters and Pelaco Bros.
This album was re-released on CD (with two extra Pete Lillie tracks) called "Rough and Ready Ockerbilly". I will rip this for you in the next week or so.

I will also scan the insert from the LP, which contains a cool little family tree for those bands.


bob nebe said...

Thanks Ash look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Autodrifters and Relaxed Mechanics below:

Not my blog, just found it in my travels.

Metta Bhavana said...

Millionaires should be credited exactly like that, with no definite article "the."