Friday, May 14, 2010

Webster - Nugget Ep

Marco has sent me two cd's from 1995, both are Brisbane
bands and both rather good.
I remember this band from the time, who can forget a name
like Webster.
Thanks Marco.
Now lets hear from Marco.

Webster were a fantastic pop rock band from Brisbane
who later
made the move to Melbourne before disappearing.
I remember seeing them live only once at Brisbane's Treasury
They delivered. They put out 4 EP's and one full length
all of which
I can say were brilliant.
This is their second self-titled release and
the one that
introduced me to the band. This is heartfelt, fun, clever
expertly delivered pop that should have found a bigger

Download Here


observer said...

thanks for the post. i have this CD languishing in a box in Brisbane. i haven't been to Brisbane since 2003. it's nice to hear it again

also been racking my brain to think of how many times i saw Webster; i well remember a show at the Orient, maybe 1996-7, and a couple of ZZZ Market Days.

Trent said...

Yep I have this one and a cpl other Webster Eps lurking somewhere, including one with their take on a Rolling Stones Album (off the record???)
From what I remember they relocated to Melbourne and were pretty much never seen again.

Anonymous said...

hi. My Uncle was the lead guitarist is the band Webster. Correct, they moved to Melbourne and had a few years down there to relative sucess. However, eventually some of the members were getting married, my uncle included and needed to curtail there rocking somewhat to raise a family. It's great to hear that he was appreciated, i'll let him know

Silversuit said...

Hey guys - this is really good. Thanks. Been looking for Webster for ages. Impossible to find. Fingers crossed you can post some more ;-)

Jamie Lane said...

Saw them support Buffalo Tom at the POW Melbourne circa 1998. Great live band and i remember they did a cracking cover of Guided By Voices Bulldog Skin.