Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bohdan - Fear Of Flying EP

We have some great music coming up starting with this,
Bohdan's 4 track EP Fear Of Flying.
Chuck has delved into the depths of his collection to find
this little gem.
Thanks again Chuck
Who or what is Bohdan you may ask.
The following is from the font of all knowledge,

JAB was an Australian punk rock band formed in Adelaide in
with Bohdan X(Bodhan Kubiakowski), often referred
to simply as
Bohdan, on guitar and vocals; Ash Wednesday
playing bass guitar,
synthesizer and tapes, and; Johnny Crash
(Janis Friedenfelds)
on drums and vocals. Bohdan was also
the songwriter of the group,
which took its name from the
first initials of the founder members.

They began as an experimental rock band, but adopted a punk
style in 1977. They are regarded as the first Australian group
to marry electronica and a hard-edged guitar sound.
Bohdan recorded a solo single in late 1977, and the band
to Melbourne in August, joining the punk scene there
and frequently
playing live. Bob Stopa was recruited as a second
guitarist and bassist
Pierre Voltaire(Peter Sutcliffe) also joined
(so that Wednesday could
concentrate on keyboards).
JAB signed to Suicide Records in January 1978, and two of their
"Blonde and Bombed" and "Let's Go" were included on
the Lethal Weapons
compilation album. The band broke up in
August 1978.
Bohdan X joined members of The Chosen Few to
form Bohdan and the
Instigators.He later issued several solo
records, including the four-track,
12-inch EP, Fear of Flying,
on Rumour Records in December 1983 and
the mini-album,
Kingsnake on Rampant Records in 1988.

He became a DJ on community radio station 3RRR-FM.
Wednesday, Crash and Voltaire joined Sean Kelly
(ex-Teenage Radio Stars)
to form the first line-up of Models.
Wednesday stayed with Models for a year,
after which he played
with The Metronomes, Modern Jazz and Crashland.

He also issued a solo single in 1980,
"Love by Numbers"/"Boring Instrumental".

01- we are different
02- no no no
03- son of sam
04- fear of flying

Download Here


WJ said...

amazing upload... I have this and other stuff, but am scratching around (still) trying to find a good way to rip it all and u/l it your way...

Thanks for the music!

Mylene McSnapper said...

The amazing thing about JAB is the 3 piece, the 4 piece and the 5 piece sounded exactly the same. They never got any more complex and the arrangements stayed virtually the same. That, and the fact in their entire time in Melbourne they added 1 new song to their set (Blonde and Bombed), makes them unique amongst the Melbourne punk scene which progressed, chopped and changed on a weekly basis.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard - and it was a long time ago - Bodhan was a jeweller and/or silversmith living in Ballarat. Used to like his RRR show - Custard did a live to air circa 93 for him and he just couldn't get enthused about their 'jerky' style.....

Mylene McSnapper said...

He pops up every weekend on Vital Bits on RRR usually talking about agriculture and the environment.

The Instigators were originally just The Chosen Few with Bohdan on guest vocals. Later they sort of became a real band. I think Andrew Duffield played with Bohdan before he joined the Models thus linking Bohdan to 6 future members of that band.

Anonymous said...


I have been searching for this for years! Any chance you can upload it again?

Bob said...