Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Models playing Melborne.

Big news for you lucky folk in Melborne, Mark Ferrie has
left this comment on the "Uk version of Local and or General"
post. Thanks for the heads up Mark.

This version of the Models (Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield,
Mark Ferrie)
with Barton Price on drums will be playing
at the Espy in Melbourne on
Fri Aug 6 and the Oxford Arts
factory in Sydney on Tues Aug 10.

Pass it on...


Anonymous said...

Saw the Models twice at Souths - once was New Years 82/83. It was a poppy, upbeat affair but Andrew Duffield stared daggers at Sean Kelly's back all through the show. Second time was about 6 months later with new addition James Freud sporting a mohican cut and the whole set sounded like an extended Man O' Action - bit dubby and jagged. I think Sister Christmas and Ducks In Formation were the supports, but I can't remember which nights they played.

WJ said...

Whew! Sounds like good gigs!

The Sydney gig sounds weird, as part of a book reading of some kind... Melbourne is more regular...

interesting line-up anyways. I'll be there for the Sydney one. Details are up on facebook (Hand on Handle - Models page).

Mylene McSnapper said...

The Espy gig was totally awesome. The main set started with Drive and Reflex and ended with Pate Pedestrian. That much information should have even the most casual fan drooling. Half the set was Local and or General material plus a song from the first album they never played live before, I Hear Motion, Evolution and some choice b sides like Preacher from the Black Lagoon and Telstar. Kelly broke a string in the first song and it stayed broken. They were totally on fire. Some dude there said it was the best Models gig he'd ever seen :-)

Anonymous said...

In true 21st century fashion check selected highlights out here: