Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rose Bygrave - Maybe Midnight /Protection

Greg from here in Brisbane has sent me a few things,
being a big Shane Howard fan he has sent this rare
single from Rose Bygrave, long time member of the
Goanna Band.
Thanks Greg.

Heres what Wikipedia has to say about Rose.

Rose Bygrave grew up in western Victoria and later
attended art
school in Ballarat and Melbourne.
Her musical career began in
1979 . Bygrave was
invited to join
The Goanna Band, rising to
prominence as keyboardist/vocalist
Shane Howard and Marcia Howard in the early '80s.

The band recorded three albums and toured
performing in some of the remotest areas
of Australia and forging
strong bonds with Aboriginal
people and their culture.
Bygrave began performing
solo in 1991, and has worked as a
sought after session
musician. She has released two critically
solo albums
Bygrave's work is renowned for
compassionate songwriting
reflecting on the land,
love, and especially issues of indigenous
social justice and her voice and musicianship are
as among the best in Australian
contemporary folk.

And heres what Greg has to say

The Rose song in my opinion is EXCELLENT.
Not only is the song a great one but the production on
it is great.
You’ll probably recognise the backing
vocalists, too. *lol*

The B side is killer too. I’ve included the cover front
and back
I heard a late night interview with her at this
time on Triple M …

she was described as the “Goanna keyboard player at
the back with
a shock of red hair “ *lol*
They also said the album was ‘in the can’ but we’ve of
never heard any more from it. I reckon if this
is anything to go
by it would have been a killer.

I’ve also attached some scans of things that you might
interesting…one is the set list from the last
Goanna tour …
the big concert they did as part of the
Melbourne Festival with
all the guests in Melbourne…
you can work out who appeared with
them from the list.
I never saw it but a mate of mine sent this to me as a

The other is one of the Goanna newsletters that used to
when they had the Goanna Manor as homebase….
Btw, if you know
of where you can pick up any of the old
Goanna art let me know…

I know they were printed and I saw one recently in a
store at the gold coast.

Download the single here

Download the Gonna Pfd's here