Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Models - God Bless America 7inch

And another gem from Chuck,
Thanks Mate

Another era of the models here but a favourite of mine..
slickly produced by Nick Launay with an industrial backbone..
great stuff and holds up well 25 years on :))
b-side no slouch either!

A shame the reformed models arent reaching the northern states but
look forward to any reports / sounds / pics.
The sydney gig just looks weird - a literary function with writer Brett
Easton Ellis (american psycho +others) doing a reading and a signing
and by the way.. reformed models squeezing some tunes out...
strange shit just keeps happening....
Read about it Here

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thank you again and Chuck!

flyslip said...

Well, the Melbourne show was awesome, anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Bob, any chance of an refreshed link for this one? All links are now dead :(

Cheers, Ian Bucko (from UK)

Bob said...

back up