Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Models - Radio Controlled from the Vault 7inch

Guess the last post is heading right into Models territory
and Chuck is the one to take us there.
Over to Chuck

This was given away with the magazine "From the vault"
issue #6 to
compliment the article already posted -
More info of the session it was recorded at is on page 19 of
the expanded
version of that same article scanned from the
magazine "Prehistoric sounds"
Issue1 vol1 already posted -
A whole album was recorded during these sessions
and still haven't seen
release as far as I know...
be nice to see them pop up one day.... hint hint Kelly :)

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Bob, any chance of an refreshed link for this one? All links are now dead :(

Cheers, Ian Bucko (from UK)

Bob said...

back up