Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume 2 -Brisbane launch

Fans of Australian experimental music should take note of this Brisbane launch on March 12 of the latest in Clinton Green's releases - "Artifacts of Australian music". Volume 2 looks at the 1974-83 time period.
The Brisbane launch features John-e Xero and films by Gary Warner with lots of other musicians featuring the works from this CD.
Disc A
01 Warren Burt 'Nighthawk, part 3 Bittern' excerpt (1975-6)
02 Ron Nagorcka 'Atom Bomb' excerpt (1977)
03 The Loop Orchestra 'First recording, live to air, the percussion section of the Orchestra' excerpt (1983) - listen to a sample
04 Forced Audience 'Forced Audience' excerpts (1974-5)
05 Ros Bandt 'Variations II (II - flute & synthesiser)' excerpt (1974)
06 Carl Vine 'Block' excerpt (1975) - listen to a sample
07 Paul Turner 'Panels V' (1975) - listen to a sample
08 Tristram Cary 'Soft Walls' excerpt (1980)
09 Asher Bilu & Duncan McGuire 'AMAZE' excerpt (1982)
10 Browning Mummery 'Do the Eyes of the Dead Retain Pictures' (1983) - listen to sample11 Severed Heads 'Dance' (1980)
12 Ian Hartley 'Train Je Taime' (1981)
13 Kurt Volentine 'Vortex Street' (1983) - listen to a sample
Disc B
01 Essendon Airport 'Do the Flowerpot' (1978)
02 Tsk Tsk Tsk 'Nice Noise Theme' (1979)
03 The Primitive Calculators 'I Can't Stop It' (1979)
04 Purple Vulture Shit 'Do a Shit' (1983)
05 Voigt/465 'F1' (1979) - listen to a sample06 Signals 'Illuminator & Icebreaker' excerpt (1979) - listen to a sample
07 Ad Hoc 'Blue from Beyond the Sea' excerpt (1980)
08 Rik Rue/Jon Rose/Peter Kelly 'Eating Cabbage' (1978) - listen to a sample09 Jon Rose/Tony Hobbs 'In Memorian Tony Hobbs' (1978)
10 A+D '(T)D+T' (1980)
11 Justinstinkt 'Drainpipe' (1981) - listen to a sample
12 Arthur Cantrill 'The Second Journey (to Uluru)' excerpt (1981)
13 Les Gilbert 'The Genoa River, Wangerabell' excerpt (1983)
14 IDA 'MeMoMu' (1980)
15 Sarah Hopkins 'Double Whirly Duo' (1983) - listen to a sample

If your interest is sparked then you should go here to download a fantastic podcast of  Greg Wadley previewing this release with interviews described on the SPILL site as :
The second volume of this history of Australian experimental music is a double-cd covering the years 1974 to 1983 and was launched at Iwaki Auditorium on Saturday 27th November. I discussed the compilation, the series, the launch, and the history of experimental music with series producer Clinton Green and Sam Dunscombe from Golden Fur, who as part of the launch are reinterpreting the 1970s tape-recorder opera 'Atom Bomb'. 
 A different line up to the one described in the podcast but the concert and the 90minute podcast are well worth checking out. The other 9 "Two to the Valley" podcasts are worth grabbing too - originally  3CR community radio broadcasts.
Clinton Green has a plethora of free downloads on his site - Shame File Music .
Worth checking out in particular is the old NMA tapes section. If you go to the shamefile music page you can download these for free or arrange cd-r copies for $10.