Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Mercurials - The Mercurials

As we saw in the last post the first time Mark Ferrie and
Andrew Pendelbury plated together was in 1976 at the
Station Hotel. Thus begun a long history of working together,
The Mercurials is the latest in a long line of projects.
In 2003 Mark met Adi Sappir busking in the subway at
Flinders St Station. Adi had arrived in Melbourne from
Israel 18 months earlier. The Mercurials was born out
of this chance meeting, in 2004 the band started recording
tracks which would become their debut CD.
It was released in 2005.
They have released 3 CDs, the latest last year.
Find everything Mercurials Here on their website

This is a brillant debut, beautiful, original, special.
Very talented musicians doing what they want to do.
Mark says not a lot of people get what they are doing,
but those who do make it all worth while.
Like the song they cover here,
Nick Drake's "Time has told me",
this is music from the soul and for the soul.

Thanks to Mark who sent me the last copy of this album.

We were still trying things out and working out how
to combine
different elements.
Feel free to upload it if you like, we probably won't be
(we're already planning our next album)

Mark Ferrie

Download Here


Anonymous said...

looking forward to hearing this, browse your site everyday.

staggerlee said...

i browse your site daily too bob,lol...excellent stuff the mercurials, i hope you can get the rest of these guys or some mark ferrie solo stuff.

Anonymous said...

I saw this group at the Queenscliff Music Festival last weekend. They were awesome! I would appreciate if you could restore the link to their album.