Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alien Virus

Alien Virus is a Sci-fi punk band from Brisbane 1988-present...
Napalm sticks to Kids was voted into the 4zzz Hot 100 for 7 years in a row.
Alien Virus also does some Escape from Toytown songs... 

Band members-

Cal Crilly-Vocals/guitar
Mike B-Bass/vocals
Troy F.-Bass
Old Members were
Peter Rabbit-Drums
Jump Freeley-Guitar
Clare Surly-Drums, check out her new band Vix and The Stix


Info lifted from

you can stream or download 10 songs at that site or go to 

and get some tickets to this and see them live supporting -

Friday June 10th, sees Steve Ignorant from Crass step onto an Australian stage for the first time. This is surely an event not to miss After receiving a rapturous response from audiences in the UK and Europe, and with US and Canadian shows around the corner we can now proudly announce THE LAST SUPPER TOUR featuring STEVE IGNORANT from CRASS coming to Australia in June 2011.


Village Idiot said...

Alien virus / Acid world - greatest West End / Brisbane band I've ever seen. I'd already found those mp3s, would love it if anybody still had some other recordings they could upload. Thanks for giving these geezers some love, they're well overdue. Wish I'd snagged Cal's '09 retro-comp before they were all gone.

Is the June thing for real?

Sounds too good to be true!

chuck said...

the comp was a cd-r and worth tracking down- I'm sure if u can get hold of cal he would print-on-demand for a nominal fee- or i think he posted it on i-tunes from memory-