Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lee Harvey and the Oswalds - Feed your Head

 Great name for a band!

Ex 4zzz announcers Greg Fryer and Shane (?) escaped Brisvegas to Adelaide in the mid nineties to study music and would return for the 4ZzZ 1997 market day with this band.

I managed to get a recording from the market day broadcast to supply a couple of bonus tracks to this recording - namely a live version of Floyds 'Interstella Overdrive' and an old Act song - 'Psyhco'....
The cd also contains another Act song 'Black n Blue'.
'Aussie Song' got into the Hot 100 from memory but cant find a copy of the list to share as yet.

Last time I saw a pic of Greg he was in a glass box in Federation Square as a life exhibit.
Found a podcast once where he just rants n raves about stuff for an hour...  nothing ever changes !!!!
He often vows never to return to brisvegas for more than 10 minutes....  ..

Download here.


Anonymous said...

cool... we have a band in Canada called Lee Harvey Osmond

thanks, as always, for the quality stuff U post...
Colin H

Anonymous said...

Hey, we are lee harvey & the oswalds from germany... first release 2005, second 2007, third now... so hopefully your fans will buy our records ;)