Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunnyboys - 7in Giveaway Birthday EP

Matty shares with us a rip of a rare give away Ep from
the legendary Sunnyboys.
Thanks Matty!

"... taking the novel approach of giving for your birthday,
sunnyboys doled out this little gem to their congregated
faithful- a
free 7" EP containing 4 live tracks, at a gig to
celebrate their first
birthday in 1981.
One this country's finest, they exploded over an

unsuspecting public in the early '80's and, sadly,
imploded a (too)
short while later leaving behind a trail
of 3 albums and a slew of
magnificent singles in their wake.
Thankfully those singles, and the 4
tracks here
(amongst an entire cd of fantastic live recordings),
since been reconvened and lovingly dished up on
the comprehensive 2-cd
This Is Real- Singles/Rare/Live on (and available from)
the Feel
Presents record label- A Real Beauty!!..."

By-the-by, anyone loving this here blog who doesn't
already own the
utterly indispensable
"Tales From The Australian Underground, Vol. 1 &
can pick them up at the same time from the
"Feel Presents" website.

01 What You Need
02 Why Do I Cry
03 I Want To Be Alone
04 Let You Go

Download Here


Riff said...

My housemate (Dooley) bought this E.P for my birthday in the mid-80's, it cost him around $120 back then i think. He even went around to all of their houses and managed to actually get all the guys to sign "happy birthday" in it for me. I reckon thats pretty special.

Sadly, my house in Newtown was broken into while i was out one night and EVERYTHING (even my undies, the phone and all the food) was stolen.

I often wonder what on earth could have happened to it.

It was autographed to me specifically but unfortunately that hasn't made it any easier to locate.

It's been over 20 years now, and i'm still looking.......

Big Nothing said...

and it's still $120 now.