Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water Rat's Picnic - Demo Cassette

Bazzil from the wonderful Prehistoric Sounds blog has
sent this rare and exclusive piece of Brissy music history!
A digital rip of a demo cassette!
Thanks Bazzil !

A demo cassette from old 80's Brizzie band "Water Rats Picnic"
I took a few photos for them back in the day and caught them
playing a few times at The Treasury and Sensorias among other places.
Maybe a few readers will remember them
Her ya go,

Track List
01 - She's A Bore
02 - Dreams Are Lost
03 - '49 Chevy

Water Rats Picnic
Brisbane 1987 - 1989

Members :

Paul Adams - Guitar
Chris Donnelly - Guitar
Luke Mallon - Drums
Anthony Taaffe - Vocals
Peter Wolffe - Bass

Water Rats Picnic - (demo)
Cassette Release - 1987

From the archive section of

Download Here


Australian Power Pop said...

what year is this please?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Just put some complete information from Bazzil's website which has loads of info for all sorts of Australian underground music.

Anonymous said...

You have just sent me into a time warp! Thank you for actually taking the time to upload our old demo cassette. I can just remember the first time it got played on 4zzz in Brisbane it was about 12midnight on a Tuesday night and was probably heard by two people (Luke the drummer and myself).
Cheers and thanks for doing that!
Chris (Guitar).

Anonymous said...

Luke is pissed the band members stole his band.

Arty Phuffgan said...

You mean the band members of the re-named Water Rats Picnic, The Voodahas... Jaimie Carter (Lead Guitar) & myself were gone when Luke was still drumming for The Voodahas. So I'm guessing he's pissed at Anthony & Andrew (Bass Guitar) perhaps... They seemed to have taken over.

Arty Phuffgan said...

Water Rats Picnic were formed in high school by Luke Mallon & Chris Donnelly. In the very early Demo Tape days, another school friend Peter Wolffe joined to play bass. The band was Luke's & Chris' as founders in 1983-84.

Anonymous said...

What band members? Anthony (Vocals)& Andrew (Bass)after they changed their name to The Voodahas and Luke was still the drummer? The band Water Rats Picnic were formed by both Luke and Chris while they were in high school back in 1983/84. They had another school friend Peter Wolffe play bass for a short while. Water Rats Picnic were co-foundered by Luke Mallon & Chris Donnelly.

Anonymous said...

Luke Mallon, the drummer from WaterRats Picnic would like to get back in contact with his old band members. Please contact his sister Judith on 0755372646.

Anonymous said...

Luke and I would like to know why he was kicked out of his own band 'The Voodaha's', at the peak of it's success, only for it to fizzle into oblivion shortly after. I think Andrew McInally, Anthony Taaffe, Timothy Stanfield, and Christian Pyle, owe him an explanation and an apology, as he has suffered dreadfully since then. He has been completely alone for 30 yrs. he is destroyed and his life is sad and empty. Please reply or call Judith.
07 55 372 646 0432434245

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear Luke has been doing it tough. Hope he is getting all the professional help he seems to need so he can move on with his life. Seems that Anthony and Andrew took over and decided to run the show which is a pity because there was some talent there.