Thursday, May 5, 2011

the Go-Betweens - Live in Sydney 1986

Its the 6th of May and its been 5 years since Grant passed,
I cant help thinking of all the wonderful and enriching
things the world has missed in this time.
To remember Grant and the music that was so much
part of his life and gave us so much joy,
Steve has shared with us this previouly unheard
recording from 1986, an era of the Gobs that is
one of my favorites.

So download it and play it loud!

The GBs played the Graphic Arts Club in Sydney
on 30 March 1986 and I asked the sound mixer,
who I kinda knew if he would tape the
show for me. This is a digital copy of the tape.

Download Here


darragh said...

Many many thanks for this!

Jacques_ said...

Thanks for sharing this. That band was magic !

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. i never tire of anything this band produced!

blureu said...


In case you haven't see this:

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks bluereu!

bglobe313 said...

I came across this band well after they had first split up. References in some music writing (maybe Christgau) led me to pick up for $1 a few of their LPs when a used music store had purchased the discared inventory of the radio station of a local college. Great stuff there, and tons of wonderful songs on later releases too.

Very nice posting this now, and thank you.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

If you do a search on this blog for the gobetweens you will find a heap of rare and wonderfull recordings from throughout the bands history going back to 79 I think.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful show from a much missed band ,saw them 5 times in Glasgow over the years ,great band. Thanks for posting this, any chance of an upload of the Live 1982-83, radio broadcasts notice the link is dead ,thanks again ,John.

chuck said...

Nice gig - thanks for sharing Steve!

Pablo said...

since the download is no longer available, any chance of another link to mirror. Would love to hear this

Bob said...

back up pablo

tony said...

Any chance for a re-up? The current link is to a show from 1982. Thanks.

Bob said...

Sorry I cant find this show