Monday, May 2, 2011

Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2011

The iconic Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival began
in 1994 and this year is the first time I've checked it out.
It was the fact that GANGgajang and later inclusion of
Hugh Cornwell of Stranglers fame that sealed the deal
for me. I got heaps of great photos of the bands and
great performances from both, I know Hugh isn't
an Australian artist but I'm posting his photos too.
I was pretty excited, I would have loved to have seen
the Stranglers when they played that infamous gig
way back in the dim history of Brisbane, but I only
heard from some of the lucky ones who were there.

I also got to met Peter Enright who has contributed to this blog and
was at the festival with the artist in residence Donna Hawkins,
she was creating a public participation artwork which Peter and
his friend were documenting.
Read about it Here

Ganggajang where fantastic as always, Mark Callahan's
lets say more successful band after the Riptides is a great
party band. In that respect not a huge departure from
the Riptides and no doubt they wouldn't be remembered
if it wasn't for the classic song "Sounds of Then"
They had the crowd eating out of there hand and
Mark is the prefect frontman, at one stage he made
a reference to his first ever gig being not far from here,
at the Caxton Street hall.
He even managed to get past the melting of his bee's
wax on the didgeridoo's mouth piece melting in the
hot Queensland autumn sun.

Hugh Cornwell was fantastic to see after all this time,
playing through a great selection of Strangler's tunes in the
warm afternoon sun, was quite an experience.
They did plenty of my favs, his signature tune Golden Brown,
No More Heroes, Hanging Around, Peaches, Always The Sun,
Nice 'N' Sleazy, No Mercy and Duchess.


chuck said...

cant wait till xmas - you should buy one yerself

chuck said...

youtube channel has some nice cornwell clips from th HiFi gig

Linda said...

Hi there
Takes me back to when I saw the stranglers in, maybe 19879/80 at The Queen's Hotel in the city. Great gig!

meanie said...

Anyone record Hugh, love to hear/see it?